Prime Day 2021: Promotion to support small business brands


From June 7 to 20, 2021, Amazon will offer customers the opportunity to earn a credit to spend on Prime Day 2021.

Investing in the success of small business is a fundamental part of our work at Amazon and we know that customers share our commitment to supporting small businesses in their communities.

Prime members who spend 10 GBP on eligible products from small business brands will get a 10 GBP promotional credit, funded by Amazon. On Prime Day the credit can be used to purchase products from businesses of all sizes.

If your products are included in the promotion, you will receive an email on June 7 with a link to view your promotion-eligible products.

For more information on eligibility, go to our Prime Day Small Business Brands Promotions FAQ.

To learn more about the promotion, click here.


What is the point of these Offers when Small brand owner can not send Inventory to FC’s with new Restock Limits in place?


So Prime Day not before 7th June then !?!

Or maybe even not before 20th June if you read the wording;

Top Secret - must be highly classified info !!!

I wonder who amzn have got to press the Red Button to launch at 00.00.01 on the day !!


It’s the 21st - 22nd - or have i missed something?


cool !! - yeah i see it is announced now on the website !! The suspense was killing me !!

It should be Prime Days - not Day !!

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