Problem with UPS drop off this morning



All has gone smoothly with my UPS drop offs up until today.

I had a 2 box single shipment of which box 1 scanned without issue.
With box 2, however, the scanner came up with something along the lines of “this shipment cannot be collected by UPS”. (Annoyingly, I can’t recall the exact wording).
I’ve just checked the tracking, box 1 shows the usual “Package has shipped” and then “Available for collection”.
But box 2 shows “Package has shipped”, “Available for collection” and then a minute later “Collected by the customer”.

I’ve left it at the drop off as I have a good relationship with them. They’re going to see if the driver can sort it out and if not it’ll be there tonight for me to collect. Not sure what I will do then either!

Has anybody had this issue before?

Sorry for the long winded post!