RM Click Drop Integration Issues


Hi All,

We use Royal Mail Click & Drop to process and ship our orders from all Amazon marketplaces. I am trying to add integration for Germany, The Netherlands, Sweden and Poland but this currently does not seem possible. The issue is, no matter what marketplace I am in, when I click on ‘View Permissions’ it defaults to the UK permissions. For some reason I cannot access a separate user permissions page for the non-UK Amazons. It never used to be like that - in the past I have successfully set up integration for Amazon France, Spain, Italy, The US and Canada (indeed, these are still working fine). I suspect the single log-in Amazon created for all of my accounts has caused this issue.

Has anyone else experienced this, and how did you get around it?

I have opened a case with Support but you know what that process is like, they will pass it on to ‘a specialist team’ and I probably won’t get an answer for about three weeks. If anyone has some extra info on this annoying problem, please share it!



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As this is a duplicate thread I am closing it. You can refer to the one linked by @Penelope_Pit-Stop (thank you)


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