Sales summary disappeared


You can see it still, just not in a box summary the way it was.
Just go to the orders menu and manage orders.


Oh, wait… there is a clue now. Not sure what that means though…image


You can still see the pending orders through the “Manage Orders” page by clicking on the Pending tab - although I quite agree that its very annoying that removing the quick and easy to view option from the home page is very annoying!


Also sales summary or whatever it was called showing units sold for the day, week, 15 days and month is gone :frowning:


It’s really silly. There are so many ways it could have been improved and now they have done this. They said they were going to remove these parts of the page but to not provide a suitable equivalent is just ridiculous. It’s like when they improved FBA stock control pages by removing the ability to archive some listings. Now you have to completely delete listings you don’t want to see for the moment, as they pollute the listings you want to see as there is no filter you can use. I’ve never come across development that reduces functionality as an improvement before.

EDIT: Watch out for the payment summary disappearing next. It is also due to go!


I’ve created a shortcut on taskbar at top of screen which can take me to the only sales I am interested in - which is UK

Looks like I will have to do the same to see how many I have sold today, information which like other sellers - we like to see.

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh though



visible if you use mobile app , but not on desktop PC


Can’t work out how to leave feedback about it, but the three dots on the top right of each box that go to a “how useful is this information” I have one starred them all, put feedback about the changes asking to bring back sales summary and pending fbm orders and submitted them. Probably won’t get seen but at least I’ve tried haha.


I was thinking, we may need to play with Amaoxn at their own game.

If we all rave about the new home page, give 5 stars and glowing reviews they will then change it for the good?


You can see sales for the day if you select Reports > Business Reports


Amazon might as well just remove the seller central dashboard entirely and it won’t make much of a difference anymore. :slight_smile:


If Amazons seller dashboard was in a car it would not have a speedo, fuel gauge, or temperature setting, and would just display the contents of the glove box!


They announced this yeasterday.You have to click on the toolbar across the top of the page and then can see pending orders.
This is not an improvement.I hate all those square boxes.


The new boxes at the top has that information such as pending orders, orders today, 7 days, 15 days etc but it is not at all convenient.

Alternaltey, Manager Orders is my go to place to see how many orders are pending, to be shipped today or already shipped etc via this link:


mine too and i was too stress thought i have done something wrong.


Same here, no sales summary either


I use the mobile app to check throughtout the day for orders


Yep, same for me and had no notification about the changes - anyone understand the logic??
Be great if Amazon could share with us


I had the same popup survey was odd. I think it’s designed for sellers who want to sell at a loss. So far I have come across lots products purchased from the same supplier as me but sold at a loss. These are stationery products.


I’d say take it, before they withdraw the offer :slight_smile: