Transparency adds more customer engagement features to code scanning experience


Transparency is a product serialisation service available for Brand Owners registered in Brand Registry who want to protect their products from counterfeiting. Each unit is labelled with a unique code, which customers can scan using the Transparency or Amazon shopping app upon receiving their product.

Transparency has added more customer engagement features to its code scanning experience. You can now surface more product information including videos, refer other products and highlight featured deals to customers when they scan the code.

Get in contact with the Transparency team to learn more.


is there a reason why the transparency team never get in touch after you fill out their form?


The seller fulfilled despatch mechanism for an order containing a transparency enrolled item is flawed.

bulk-buy-shipping is not compatible (and does not prompt the seller that an item is enrolled but it does show the transparency icon next to the order items).

amazon shipping portal for those using amazon-shipping is not compatible and does not even show that an order line is transparency enrolled.

the only way via amazon is to buy-shipping one at a time
or to construct a flat file upload to upload the transparency numbers after (without corrupting any tracking already store/saved).

you cannot review the transparency number once it is entered and despatched.
so we have taken to storing the transparency number also in the ‘seller notes’ fields.
and keeping a full log manually of all the order numbers and all the related transparency numbers

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