Updated image style guide for clothing


Please take a moment to review the latest iteration of image guidelines for apparel products. Adherence to these requirements will help to optimise your images to be most relevant and engaging for customers, hence support your sales. Please note that failure to meet our guidelines may result in your ASINs being de-prioritised in, or suppressed from search. We ask you to present your products on a model (exceptions apply for certain product categories) with preferable variation of different diversity attributes such as age, skin tone, or body size. Please also make sure to provide the right amount of image variants including close-ups so that customers are well equipped to make their purchase decision easily.


I assume all kids and babies clothing is exempt? May be wise to state which of the following categories that are exempt!


You have to go searching for it but yes Kids and Babies clothing is exempt.

If you look at the Style Guide For Clothing it states the following

Shot on a model (except for childrenswear, accessories, or transparent clothes).




Just so I understand. Even novelty t-shirts, jumpers for adults need a model shot as well for the main image? Does it have to be the main image or can secondary image have this shot.


Really!!! Then how come if I list our men’s underwear we always get slapped with it being an image with prurience - Women’s lingerie/underwear never seems to a problem - only mens
Only way to get round it is to take ghost mannequin shots of the products


That is going to be expensive hiring multiple models to meet diversity requirements… I can understand a minimum of mannequin based photography (which full meets ALL diversity requirements as the mannequin is both invisible & neutral apart from possibly gender).


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