Valid tracking IDs required for all Merchant-fulfilled shipments fulfilled by Whistl


On February 3, 2022, Whistl was added to the Amazon-integrated carrier list.

As a reminder, if you are using Whistl for your Merchant-fulfilled orders, you may be required to provide valid tracking IDs by selecting ‘Whistl’ from the drop-down on the shipment confirm page in Seller Central instead of selecting “Other”.

Effective from April 4, 2022, Whistl will be included in the Valid Tracking Rate (VTR) calculation. Not adding valid tracking information for Whistl-fulfilled orders may affect your Valid Tracking Rate or programme eligibility.

Go to the Valid Tracking Rate help page for more information.


Another reason for us sellers to increase prices, because of the extra work sellers have to do to obey the mighty Amagod!


I currently use Yodel as our courier. I also received this message this morning and do not have a clue what to do? Any help or advice would be much appreciated.


I only recently started using Yodel Direct and Evri after the Royal Mail surcharge fiasco.

It seems Yodel Direct is not a valid tracked service. I am at a loss why Yodel is on the list of integrated carrier and presumably an acceptable service, but not count as a valid tracked service.


Totally agree, and really do not understand.
I have used Yodel without problem for months and months with 100% VTR.
Some are saying that if you use Yodel, you have to choose Whistl from the dropdown, but why ??!! - I am not using Whistl. :roll_eyes:
From their own VTR policy, bold mine:

Sellers are encouraged to use carriers from the following lists to deliver their packages as these carriers provide real-time tracking status to Amazon. This helps reduce buyer contacts and improve seller feedback ratings. We currently support tracking information as verified by the following integrated carriers (case-sensitivity applies): For domestic shipments: Amazon Shipping, APC, Arrow XL, DHL Parcel UK, DPD, DX FREIGHT, ePost Global, GLS, Hermes, Parcelforce, Royal Mail, TNT, UPS, Whistl, Yodel


Hi, totally confused… I use Yodel but if you have to select Whistl from the drop down how is a customer supposed to track the item if they do not know with courier you have sent it with?


Me too.
I cannot vouch for what I said ‘that if you use Yodel, you have to choose Whistl from the dropdown’.
This was said by someone on another thread, and what they had been told by SS to do, so not to be relied upon !!


Ironically it actually worked though apparently !


Do you use Yodel, Yodel Direct or Yodel or Yodel Direct via Whistl or


I just spoke to SS. A very helpful lady who pulled up my latest VTR stats and we went through them.

It seems, for me at least, the issue is the Yodel Direct tracking number, when bought through, don’t work on the Yodel Direct website, but do on However, the order has been marked as dispatched by Yodel Direct and marked as such on the Amazon order via the integration between my Amazon account and Therefore it is pointing at a website that states the tracking is invalid. Technically, I believe, not an Amazon issue, but a Yodel Direct one.


@Tim50 Hi Tim I use Yodel.


I would carry on as you are. Is your VTR OK? Presumably, if you’re only sending by Yodel you are at 100%?


@Tim50 Hi Tim all sorted thank you for help and advise.


I received the email this morning:

[Action Required] End of grace period: Enter valid tracking information for Whistl

I’m not sure why it says ‘Action Required’.
I can’t remember the last time I used Whistl or yodel, other than tangentially via auto returns from customers, which are out of my hands anyway.


yes, i have to say my heart jumped when i saw the ‘action required’ email from amazon
i do wish they wouldn’t do that on a friday !


I haven’t had an email as yet. (?)


Amazon email today,

I shipped a Whistl parcel using a third-party carrier, for example, Yodel. Which carrier should I select in the drop-down: Yodel or Whistl?

As you are shipping your parcels using Whistl, you should select “Whistl” as the carrier name from the drop-down, regardless of which third-party carrier is doing the final mile delivery to the customer. You should still select “Whistl” even if you have been given a third party carrier tracking ID for your shipment. For example, a Yodel tracking number.
For more information,"

so for those who use yodel, thru parcelstogo, based on the info here, you would need to chose parcelstogo in dropdown, and use the yodel tracking number.


At least it was early friday and not friday night!!!


Yes, it’s a bit like those emails stating ‘at your request, we have updated your card details and added Sweden/Poland/Netherlands to your active marketplaces’.

It’s a bare faced lie, in other words!


Yodel Direct isn’t Yodel.

It’s CollectPlus renamed.