We could not find Order ID ****** in our system. Please check that you have entered it correctly and try again, or enter a different Order ID


Help! I’m trying to create a support ticket to look into a missing item from a shipment.

I previously had a ticket open, but after major communication errors on the part of Amazon was told they could only look at it 10 days after the estimated delivery date. OK, so I wait until that time, and now I can’t re-open the ticket (no activity for X amount of days and it automatically closes) and instead have to create a new one.

Fine, I go to create a new ticket in the same manner as before (from the order summary page) and now the Help Sidebar denies the existence of the Order ID. I’m literally copy-pasting it from the order on the left into the sidebar on the right, and being told the order doesn’t exist. I’m losing my mind… someone help please. Screenshot attached.