Amazon failed my account’s verification


Amazon has just sent me this email. They failed my account’s verification and no reason is given. I did send an email to them but in the mean time, I am wondering what’s the common reason could be for that.

I sent them my passport and a bank statement (Barclays), they’re not screenshot. The address and phone number are matching. I don’t get why they fail me. Anyone has an idea? And how can I re-submit? Or I can ever get back to Amazon seller?


my account is under “verification” for more than 1 month as for now. No reason given. I raised about 10 tickets asking for updates, no answer.
As you, I submitted passport scan and scan of my HSBC statement dd the same month as verification started.
The only one reason I can see in my case - I’m from Eastern Europe, and Amazon hates people from my side of the world.


I hope you will get your answer soon.

Amazon verification seems to take very long time and when they fail someone, they don’t show any reason for that.

And the thing is they’re still able to charge people for pro account and failing them, not allow them to sell on Amazon at the same time. I wish they do verification before letting anyone to register for pro account


Hi Iv been trying to get my account verified they now require a document showing my activity do you know what that is ? please as i need help thanks lymm


Hi was your bank statement one sent in the post or downlaoded?


Hi on average from reading reviews it seems to be taking between 3-7 weeks.
Each time you add to the case it delays it further so if you have emailed them 10 times everyone who applied before your last email will be further up the que, I know its frustrating but it is a case of holding tight and been patient.


As for pro account if you go to settings and account info you can downgrade then email support for a refund.

@The_Bookstop we would need more info to point you in the right direction, I’m going to hazard a guess and say your a registered company and its something to do with this.


Sometimes people forget that not everyone will be able to open a selling account. There are people through no fault of their own that due to social, economic and political reasons will not be accepted. Their nationality and passport details enough to stop the verification process in it’s tracks.
In the OP’s case, without knowing the facts or what documentation has or hasn’t been sent in, it’s impossible to hazard a guess.


I first sent them the pdf version, they rejected it. I then sent them bank statement that I printed from the machine in the bank (with stamps including date and time, what branch I printed it from). Could it be a problem?


Thanks for letting me know. I didn’t know it before but my nationality is accepted by Amazon by the way. The problem might be my bank statement then


Hi what you will find if you compare it to one issued in post there are multiple differences depending on bank some may have more than others.
Mine for example did not have the banks full details on the downloaded one, with it just been for Amazon verification I did not think it would have made much difference but just like morgadges companies etc. It does had to order one to be sent in the post.
So I imagine it’s probably something along those lines if your only issue is with bank statement verification.


They might mean the Nature of Business you declared when registering with Companies House?


Thank you. So now I can only wait for Amazon to reply before doing anything further, don’t I? There’s no option shown on the site


I don’t really understand what mean. I don’t have a business bank account. It’s just personal account


Sorry for the confusion, but was responding to @The_Bookstop


Social economic and political? Can you elaborate a little I’m intrigued in what ways you mean.


Yea it won’t let you upload anything further until its reviewed, if I were you I would have one sent out so you have it ready as the review periods seem to be taking some time then if you do need it you have it to hand


Here is a recent example

Amazon will sometimes ask you outright if you know or if you are a politically exposed person.
Also accepted countries for seller registration vary between Amazon marketplaces/regions and they
have various company policies and statements to this effect.


Thanks , I’ll give it a read .


they are doing the same to me and i’m english…unfortunately!!! they just dont want to make their boss much more money!!!