Are more customers trying it on?


I seem to be seeing an increase in the number of people claiming to have not received their orders.
Had one this morning, asking who signed for it, so I sent her a picture of the person holding the parcel in their hands. No reply yet.
One yesterday claimed not received from over a week ago, sent proof of delivery and gps location and it suddenly turned up at the neighbours house.
We always had the odd one, but right now we are getting 2 or 3 each day. I assume people trying it on because or rising costs, but I am not seeing the same thing on other channels, only Amazon.


Unfortunately it is massively up for us, it always does with cost of living, but with how Amazon are with it it’s the worst we have had since lockdown.

This is the one area amazon will loose sellers over the next year unless they stop it.


Hey @Tack_Carry_Saddlery1,

Will contact you via Direct Message, regarding this.



some have gone to A-Z yes, but most I never hear from again once we have sent the proof of delivery, image take on delivery or GPS map of where scan was taken. The one this morning, I sent them an image of someone at their address, with the package they claim to have never received. Problem is if it goes to A-Z, even if we have the customer holding a passport, holding the package, the cases are never found in favour of the seller, yet a buyer now gets refunded on first scan of it being returned.


For us it seems to be quite usual to see an increase around the end of the year, got 2 A-Z claims in a period of 10 months, now 2 ‘not delivered’ A-Z’s pending within 1 week. More people trying to get free gifts during this time of the year I believe.


I had one the other day with Evri tracking showing as delivered which went to A-Z

Amazon paid the claim but funded it themselves and I didn’t get a defect.

It maybe because I brought the shipping through Buy Shipping as that is supposed to give you more protection.


Whilst that’s good for the seller, the buyer is still getting their money back
For the buyer its a win win situation

On ebay, if tracking is shown, the case just gets closed off full stop


Yes and I was actually annoyed that Amazon even refunded but at the same time happy there was no metric hit.

Evri had told me the package was delivered and only if the customer signed a Denial of Receipt Letter would they investigate further and process any claim.

The customer up to this point had been very responsive but when I explained what was needed next they just ended the communication and raised the A-Z


Precisely, it doesn’t cut down on the false claims, in-fact it probably encourages more. I’m all for Amazon funding the refunds in these situations, but equally I wouldn’t mind seeing more of a defence that the parcel was delivered and nothing further if tracking states so (with proof).

However, I also understand that in some situations it is a genuine issue, and tracking information can be wrong at times :tired_face:


This is what frustrates me more, just this week we had been in communication with a customer regarding a late delivery, fair enough it was late but given the circumstances we wanted to allow a couple of more days, of which she seemed happy to do so. The final day requested she emails as asked, stating it hadn’t been delivered (still) and to process a refund.

Before we even had chance to go into her order details an A-Z was raised, full refund given and a nice defect against us.

We’ve appealed, requesting the defect to be removed but for the customers refund to remain (rightly so), stating that delays were beyond our control and we had been in full communication with the customer. Given more time (A-Z granted 1 minute after her final email) we would of been able to process a refund for them…


Interesting we had an Amazon parcel go walkabout after their driver left it on the doorstep - the items were expensive, if memory serves approx £600, we had to sign a denial of receipt declaration, scan it and send it to Amazon before they would issue a replacement. This was a purchase directly from Amazon delivered via their own carrier; we now receive a pin code for all higher value items which we have to supply to the Amazon driver - which is fine, we have no objection to this - but it is a very clear double sandard.


People will always try it on…

Couple of tips we have found to work, if people say item not received and it is sent via Royal Mail, we will always say we will check the internal Royal Mail tracking that only businesses have access to in 5 days time, 9 times out of 10 customers see that RM have not scanned items and think they can get a little freebie.

Another one with Royal Mail is say you will contact the delivery office (very easy to find out the location) and say that you will speak to the postman personally to see what they did with customer x’s package, again after this most will scurry off, never to be heard from again.

On a different note, got home today to find 3 large Amazon boxes just left against our front door, delivered by good old Amazon… just imagine if we supplied orders like this? Would be suspended at once!


I’m getting 10+


Been getting a lot more returns from USA recently, between a few hours after marked shipped to a few days. Bizarrely had a few returns in the past few days that had been out with a long enough timeframe to have been delivered, with the reasons being along the lines of they don’t want this any more but then choose a replacement rather than a refund.

From the high % of simple messages with just " nothing arrived " and similar that people think they are talking to an Amazon rep which also makes me feel that a lot of people think they are ripping off Amazon when they do and that’s ok as they’re a giant and can take it or whatever. In my own experience as a buyer there were several years I thought I was just buying from Amazon directly. All that said I guess there are a lot of people who don’t give a stuff whether it is a seller or Amazon itself.


thats it, the fact the buyer gets their money back means they do it again and tell their friends how to get things for free on Amazon


There is an increase of free lunch seekers not only on amazon but on ebay too. The Royal Mail strikes helps also. Keep smiling, the sun will rise tomorrow


Nothing to do with this but your Pole Floats are A1 :fishing_pole_and_fish::fishing_pole_and_fish:


My scam rate is 10 X higher on Amazon than all the other platforms put together but overall it’s neglible as the sales here are so good

I think seller protection on Amazon is 0%, It’s the account health impact that worries me more than the ££ but it’s still my favourite albeit rather more stressful platform to sell on


Do you increase your prices to compensate?


100% they are. The main issue for us (and anybody sending by Royal Mail) is that if there is no delivery scan this shows in customer accounts as ‘not delivered’ when in fact it has been. This is confirmed by the fact that some customers contact us saying things like ‘my account says this has not been delivered, but it has been’.

I have no issue with refunding genuinely lost items, but (and they will never do it, because the customer never lies) Amazon should have some kind of process for lost item claims where customers need to declare that they are filing a claim and falsely doing so is a criminal offense, not as things are at the moment, open an A-Z and get a refund no questions asked 2.5 seconds later.

We are definitely seeing some increase in claims (excluding issues with strike action)

Other platforms also honour the tracking and protect sellers. On Amazon you can have a GPS scan at the address and a photo of the addressee holding the package in their house with the front door open and Amazon refund the funds.