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Maintaining a Healthy Seller Account
by Seller_gAhPNiLrkfTcr
Amazon replied

Hello Sellers,

Having a healthy seller account is crucial for your success on the Amazon marketplace. The Account Health Dashboard provides an overview of your selling account's adherence to Amazon's performance targets and policies. Regularly monitoring and addressing any issues is essential to ensure uninterrupted selling privileges.

What is the Account Health Dashboard?

The Account Health Dashboard displays key metrics that Amazon uses to evaluate your account's performance, such as:

-Order Defect Rate: Measures customer experience with your orders

-Late Shipment Rate: Tracks your on-time shipment performance

-Policy Violations: Highlights any violations of Amazon's selling policies

How to Access Your Account Health Dashboard:

Menu- > Account Health- > Account Health

🟢Best Practices for Maintaining a Healthy Account:

  • Understand each metric and its target: Review Amazon's guidelines for acceptable performance levels.
  • Check your Account Health regularly across all marketplaces: Performance metrics can vary by marketplace.
  • Monitor Performance Notifications: Address any issues promptly to avoid negative impact on your account.
  • Take preventative steps: Implement processes to maintain high performance (e.g., streamline fulfillment, improve customer service).
  • Review your product catalog: Ensure compliance with evolving regulations and policies.
  • Address violations immediately: Respond to any violations on your Account Health Dashboard as soon as possible.

📖Useful Resources:

Seller University : Understand your Account Health metrics

Account Health FAQ

🎤Share Your Tips: How do you maintain a healthy seller account? What advice would you give to new sellers starting their Amazon journey?

Would you have any feedback regarding Account Health?

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Account Health Assurance
by Seller_s32wPsLAL7ift

We still have the following message on the new Account Health Assurance, our account more than meets the criteria, is anybody else still seeing this?

You meet the criteria to be eligible for Account Health Assurance, and we're reviewing your account prior to enrolling you at this time. Please contact Account Health Support if you have any questions.

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by Seller_fNHodZr6pdU2A


My UK seller account has been activated because my “other account” has violated many policies. Now I don’t know of any other account, I have only created and used one account the whole time. I tried contacting support to get more information but of course nothing happens, I don’t get a response and am just told I need to reactivate. I have other international stores under the same name, but they are all in holiday mode and I do not use them. I’m not sure if this “other” account is my international accounts or not. And if it is, which store is it specifically? I just want more information in general about my deactivation.

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Business Orders
by Seller_zQYEhPptUDHAN

Can I opt out of accepting Business orders, because of separate invoice requirements

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VTR Including International Orders?
by Seller_QBYDtMunXcNNa
Amazon replied

Hi All,

Hope everyone is well.

VTR is adding international orders into our report, any idea why? We were told they should be excluded?


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Wait for Verification Call is Killing Our Business
by Seller_xTwV22UFjF2j7
Amazon replied

Hi guys,

Our store was suddenly deactivated after years of trading on Amazon as we need to complete an ID verification call. After selecting available call dates, we have received no confirmation of when or if this will happen.

As it stands, our store is dead in the water and it's just unacceptable.

Has anyone got any idea on how we can accelerate this matter?


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Hello Amazon Community,

I've been trying to get my account verified for our UK VAT establishment, but despite submitting all required documents, the process is stalled. Our company has two directors: one based in the UK with more than 50 percent share, whose driving license and water utility bill have been provided, alongside other necessary company documents. The second director's ID and bill have also been submitted.

Despite this, Amazon has not provided a clear reason for the verification failure. Could anyone shed light on what might be causing the issue or share their experience in resolving similar verification challenges?

Thank you in advance for any assistance or insights you can provide!

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Let's talk Late Shipment Rate
by Seller_XUNeUuvrQDpgP

What is Late Shipment Rate?

Late Shipment Rate, also referred to as LSR, is a metric that measures all orders with a ship confirmation that is completed after the expected ship date as a percentage of total orders over both a 10-day or 30-day period. Late Shipment Rate only applies to seller-fulfilled orders.

Selling Partners are required to maintain an LSR under 4% in order to sell in the Amazon Store.

Why is this metric important?

It's important to confirm the shipment of orders by the expected ship date so that customers can see the status of their shipped orders online.

How can a Selling Partner maintain a healthy LSR?

A healthy LSR can be maintained by ensuring the following:

  • Shipping orders on or before the expected ship date.
  • Confirming orders as soon as you hand the package over to the carrier.
  • Always monitor your late shipment score in the Account Health Dashboard.

Please note that adjusting your handling time can help prevent late shipments.

You can check out this help page if you have questions regarding LSR. You can also open a thread in this category for support from other members of the community and from community managers.

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I am not established in the UK for VAT purposes and need to pay unpaid VAT owed to amazon.

I was told to contact on May 13th, 2024. According to the information I received from the Amazon notification they had to answer in 48 hours time. This time have passed long time 3 days ago but they still does not respond.

We had received an email on May 9th, 2024, the email stated that "You can continue to sell, but your Amazon sales proceeds will remain temporarily ineligible for disbursement and any FBA inventory blocked from removal from this account, and any related accounts, until any EU VAT owed is paid to Amazon. Additionally, within 10 days we will begin to collect and remit VAT taxes on your future sales for goods delivered to EU customers."

We have two questions regarding to our unpaid VAT.

1) Where can we find our amount or balance for our unpaid VAT?

2) Where can we pay for our unpaid VAT?

Also, we haven't received our VAT liability from Amazon and no other information from Performance Notifications.

We only have 3 more days left until the deadline, and we don't want to get any penalty from government.

Please advise us and guide u

Can anyone advise?

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VAT Stablishment Delay
by Seller_Q65wMxYYEXspD


Your funds are on hold in keeping with Amazon policies. Funds will not be transferred to you even if they reflect in your Seller Central account.

Why did this happen?

We are withholding your funds under applicable regulations and the Amazon Payments UK – Selling On Amazon Payments User Agreement:

How do I address this issue?

No action is required by you.

I have provided all information, I am a UK resident and have been for the last 10 years, my disbursements have been stopped and even tho I keep calling I get no reply whatsoever other than this is with the relevant team and that I should wait. This is having a massive effect on my business, I had been paying suppliers from my own personal money and I am running out of money.

What do I do here?

@Seller_pcsb5w54JugEA @Seller_DNQGSsdC7DccM @Seller_VJ4XoAkjDpjPH @Seller_TSXM2A5nxWSuH @Seller_fgtTzyHQfOM1x @Seller_hnDMgUKxMh1V4

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Video Call Appointment Issue
by Seller_J1Uae1PtnnFwi
Amazon replied

Hi, I have created a UK based account, but somehow US account was also enabled or created which I was unaware of. Now Amazon is asking to verify the US account by a video call, so regarding that I have received an email to book a time for a video call for US account verification. I did fill the form with possible three dates and all the dates have gone, but I did not receive any email to confirm the time and a link for a call.

I did twice this step but no response. Is there anyone here can please guide me what I need to do next to get arranged a video call for account verification?

Kind Regards,

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