1099-K Tax Document Interview ? help!


I have only ever sold three things on Amazon, all have been just to the UK! I’ve signed in now and now I cannot recieve payments because I need to fill out some American tax document? What is this? Is this an error?


There might be some similarity between your account and a US account or possibly some of the information that you entered provided some implication that you are a US business or US citizen.

You were probably contacted by an Amazon email address. You can start by responding in your email stating that you are a UK citizen without any US affiliation and request that the appropriate US IRS form be emailed to you to complete.

You will need to complete stating that you are a UK company without any US ownership.

Once that form is completed, you should see an update to your status under:

Settings->Account Info->US Tax Information

US tax identification information: Validated

Many sellers (myself included) have needed to complete this process.



Unless you are registered to sell on the US site, then you don’t need to submit this form, it’s likely been sent in error as has happened a few sellers in the past, contact CS using the link at the bottom of this page and advise you are only selling on the UK platform.

If you are registered on Amazon.com site, then you do need to complete the form as advised above.

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