Account suspended due to late dispatch and email response over 24 hours



My account has been suspended mainly due to late dispatch but also as not a high enough proportion of emails were answered within 24 hours. My 2nd appeal was rejected which is pretty disappointing as I spent considerable time on it.

In my 2nd appeal of the suspension of my account I wrote
“Dear Amazon,
Thank you for your email regarding the suspension of my account.
I am writing to appeal the recent suspension of my Seller’s Account due to late dispatch confirmation.
I have looked at the information provided in Seller Central and I used this information to help construct an effective my plan of action for the future.

  1. I will implement safeguards to prevent items from being dispatched late. I will check in the evening and mornings on Amazon seller central that all orders have been dispatched and marked as dispatched or going to be packed and dispatched within 1-2 days of the order date.

  2. I will check for buyer messages at least twice a day, every morning and evening and respond to emails within 24 hours or less. I have set up alerts for new email messages so I receive them instantly wherever I am. I will keep customers better informed of their orders and help them along the way with any concerns they have.

  3. On Sunday I will pack extra ready for orders in the week.

  4. I have changed the handling time from 1-2 days to 3 days until I have shown to Amazon and customers I can consistently do this in less time.

  5. In my previous email I explained that as I had problems for several weeks with my laptop (I had it sent off under warranty) it was difficult for me to access my computer to manage Seller Central. To avoid this issue arising again I have now purchased an old 2nd hand laptop as a back-up laptop in-case I have another problem using my existing laptop.

Thank you for considering this appeal. Please let me know if I can provide further information.”

In my next appeal I will add:

I have since changed the method used for packing, marking as ready for dispatch and also got rid of a part time employee that wasn’t very reliable. If you accept this appeal for all future Amazon orders starting from when (I hope) my account is reinstated I will amend my system of dispatch to:

When I receive an email sale notification I will flag it in my inbox and then pack it and then post it. When I return I will login into amazon seller and mark as dispatched and un flag it in the inbox to show that it has been posted.

I will also put the account will be put on inactive (holiday settings) when I have another similar problem to a problems with my laptop.

Do you think I need to add anything extra to try and prove that I have learnt and have put in place systems that will greatly improve the rate of replying to emails in under 24 hours and dispatching orders on time to meet Amazon standards?

Thanks very much for any help and for reading this.


I myself do find it hard to respond to buyers emails within 24 hours ( particularly Friday to Monday ), especially when a lot of the messages recieved are an " OK Thanks " reply from a previous email or Q&A from sellers.
We get around 50 emails a day from all platforms, so we sort the wheat from the chaff, and answer the important enquiries first. Some of the " Thankyou " emails from customers do tend to slip throught the net on occassions, but we do our best.


Why were you late dispatching and answering emails? That’s a deadly combo.

Lots of sellers permanently suspended for late dispatch in the last 6 months. It is a metric they are cracking down on vigorously.


Not sure that any appeal will work for you. Late dispatch of orders and failure to respond to buyer e-mails within 24 hours are two serious breaches of Amazon Seller guidelines.


In the case of “thanks” messages hitting the “no response needed” button only takes a few seconds.


Good luck with your appeal, but I do find it strange that sellers find it difficult to respond to message within the given time.

With the release of the Mobile App, as well as tablets etc, sellers should be replying to buyers within the hour, unless something more in-depth is needed.

As for the late dispatch, as Amazon require all items you have listed to be in stock, I also cant see why this would cause issues.

Over Christmas, we saw a 10 fold incase in sales due to the type of items we sell. Now those we couldn’t get done during office hours we stayed late in the evening, some evening we were still packing items till the early hours of the morning to make sure items got sent out on time.

Selling online / Amazon is hard, if it wasn’t every Tom, Dick, and Harry (if they aren’t already) would be doing it. But to fail on basic tasks such as Customer service, and sending out your orders… IMO you need to look to see if selling online is for you.

But I wish you all the best with your appeal / future selling.


As only Amazon monitor email reply there’s your wheat straight away. Its the first thing I do before even thinking about anything ebay, its not too difficult is it?

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