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Hey guys.

Just started selling in Europe…
Still can’t figure out how to change the language of my notifications from Amazon Europe.

I’ve changed the language of Seller Central .de / .fr / .it / .es all to English (using settings and language options) but I’m still getting all the sales notifications emails in the language the order has come from.

How how do i change all the notification emails to English?

Be grateful if anyone could nudge me in the right direction…

Many thanks


Good question. I’d always assumed we couldn’t change them.


I’m pretty sure you cannot. There isn’t anything in the email that isn’t in Seller Central when you go to view the order and you have SC set to English so you should be ok?


It is not possible to elect to have notifications automatically translated from non UK marketplaces within your seller central.
It may help to understand that when a seller decides to expand their business to other marketplaces, there is the requirement that the seller is able to conduct business, and provide customer service, in the official local language. In turn, notifications are sent in the official local language.
See here for more detail on Selling on Amazon’s European Marketplaces.

If a seller is having difficulty in understanding a specific notification, it may be helpful to use on line translation services, of which there are many, by searching on the internet.

Can I get Email notifications for Europe in English?
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