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Can you guys please advice me on an issue i am currently facing with Amazon. I have recently purchased some UK travel adapter from a British Manufacturer with over 35 years experience in the business (a very reputable company). I have had this listing removed by amazon due to EU compliance legislation.

I provided as requested, a Certificate of Conformity and a BS Test Report and I have just received an email saying the product is not EU Compliant.

The reason Amazon have given me is the presence of CE mark on the plug adapter. I would assume that should be a good thing???

Any insight on this will be greatly appreciated

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Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support,

We have checked all the provided documentation and concluded that the product does not comply with the relevant European legislation.

In case you need a regulatory advice, we recommend you to contact manufacturer, importer or a certification institute.

Non-compliances discovered include:

  • Presence of CE mark on the product.

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Amazon have a strange and often vague way of confirming what they require.
In this case the presence of CE marking on product could simply be they just need to see photos of the product taken on all sides (6) in total including top and bottom views where they will be able to see the CE marking on it somewhere.


As Tracey said I think they need to see in the product photos the CE mark on the item. I believe it is also required to be visible on the packaging also. @PCBuyIT tends to be very knowledgeable about such things.


Thank you PeterB and Tracey for your replies. The issue is actually the opposite. It does have the CE mark and was clearly visible in the pictures i sent to Amazon. They are saying it shouldn’t have the CE mark


The letters “CE” are the abbreviation of French phrase “Conformité Européene” which literally means “European Conformity”. Not to be confused with the China/ese Export mark which looks similar but will not be accepted by Amazon. Can you post the photo concerned?


From a quick bit of research under the old low voltage directive (2006/95/EC) certain types of adaptors shouldn’t be CE marked.

Under the new low voltage directive (2014/35/EU) it appears certain adaptors shouldn’t be CE marked.

  • What standards were listed on the Declaration of Conformity? e.g. EN 50250:2002
  • What type of product is it? e.g. A simple adaptor (single input, single output, no switches etc), one with a multiple outlet, includes a switch, includes a USB outlet, includes a voltage convertor.


Hello BarryM thank you for your input. It is a single input single output adapter. it does not convert voltage or have a switch

The standards on the Declaration of Conformity is BS 8546:2016


" all but the most simple travel adaptors (simple being a travel adaptor which has plug pins of one country and a socket outlet for a different country) should be CE Marked at the very minimum."

It appears the adaptor shouldn’t be CE marked. (As a side note I’ve got a simple adaptor at home from a large international hotel chain and it’s got a fake CE (China Export) mark!)

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