How to add a VAT Number?


I have been trading on Amazon for many years from the UK.
I wish to add my VAT registration number, but I am unable to change anything in that window in my account settings. I have been able to input it in “exceptions”, but my basic account still shows up as not VAT registered.
And what does “Use a new seller of record” mean? This isnt even in English as far as I can see, so I dont know what they are getting at. I find it all quite confusing and over complicated.

Does anyone please have the answer to simply inputting my VAT number?

Many Thanks



Hello Paul

It’s greyed out for me … hence my post. Apologies if I was wrong, I must have a different kind of pro-merchant account where it cannot be changed



like :slight_smile:


Hello Peter

I’m pretty sure that once you initially sign up as a non-VAT registered seller, you cannot change it yourself to be VAT registered. Best bet is to contact seller support and ask them to change your status.

Not sure about the non-english bit!? Hopefully it does not mean you have to create a new seller a/c as VAT-registered and discard the old non-VAT one (along with all your lovely feedback and performance metrics)


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You can certainly add your VAT registration, as that is precisely what I did after I had been selling for several years.

For OP: Go to Settings, Account Info. Under the Place of Establishment Info, click Edit. You should then be able to enter your VAT registration number. Be sure to include GB at the start of the number.



Entirely possible. Isn’t Amazon wonderful !



It certainly is … Because the Amazonian answered a similar query and made no mention of an adding a seller of record link .


Its ok. I had an email from Customer Services. It was indeed greyed out, hence the reason I couldnt fill it in.
You have to click on “Use a new seller of record”
Which is confusing on two levels, firstly that it is not a term in common English usage, and secondly, it implies that you are wishing to add another seller to your account.

Thanks for all your replies.


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Sorry to revive such an old post but…

When you insert a vat registration number does it automatically stop putting 20% on the Amazon / FBA fees?


Hi Adam,

Thanks for your post. No problem about reopening an old thread, it is good to try and keep information within similar threads :slight_smile:

When you are VAT registered and have registered your VAT number to your account you will no longer be charged VAT on your Amazon fees.

I hope this helps.



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