Incorrect variation / Account at risk / no idea what is happening


Hi all

Does anyone have tips to address this?

Amazon has put a “policy violation” on my account and it states that my account is at risk of deactivation due to an incorrect variation.

I sell 2 diaries, one is black, one is purple. I have no idea what the problem is.

I tried to appeal but they sent me back a robot response asking me what I had asked them, i.e. what is the problem with my variation.

Anyone experienced this before and were you able to figure out the problem?



Could you please show more information for the policy violation”? What policy do your account violate?



This is Ash from Amazon and would help with additional information on your queries.

I understand that you have concerns on incorrect variations.

Selling partners may not:

– Change the product’s detail page (parent or child) to become fundamentally different from the original product listed.

– Change the parent product’s detail page so it does not match the children.

– Add incorrect child variations that are not true variations of the parent product.

– Add multi-pack variations that are not manufacturer created to an already existing parent.

Please review Amazon’s policies regarding ASIN creation by clicking here.

If you have further queries, kindly share the latest notification you received on this thread, so that we will be more than happy to help you.




Is this a new one ? Seems many sellers do this all the time on here


Hi Ash

I did not do any of the above, so I really don’t know what violations are being referred to.

Here are the conversations: image



Looking at the ASIN B098R7DTT1 a couple of things I noticed

  1. The description says the diary is for 2022 yet you have reviews for last December. I take it you have taken the 2021 listing and updated it for 2022? This maybe something that Amazon don’t like as you are not supposed to fundamentally change a product description so it looks like a different product.
  2. I don’t think you even need the year in the description as the dates are filled in by the owner of the diary. It is undated so it is not a diary for a specified year and you don’t need to start it at the start of the year you can do it at any time.
  3. The pictures for the black and purple diary look the same. I get that one is black and one is purple cover but I can’t really see this reflected in your pictures.

Not sure any of the above would create a warning though.

If you look in performance notifications is there a copy of the email that Amazon sent you when you got the warning. This will probably have some information which will allow someone to understand what the warning was for.

However the ASIN is still live so it is only a warning. Is your account still showing at risk


Thanks for all the input, it’s really appreciated.

I see what you mean about pics, it is exactly the same product though and I don’t think I am doing anything different re photos than other sellers.

On the description, I am trying to optimize my SEO as it wasn’t perfect from the get-go - I would be surprised if optimizing SEO like this would cause a warning.

I have responded to Amazon again and need to see what comes back I think, as there was no detailed email setting out what went wrong with the variation. There was just a link saying “Incorrect variation” and the link led to the FAQs. My only way to deal was to either (a) tick a box confirming I rectified the issue or (b) use the appeal button. As I didn’t know what was happening, I started the appeal process and have been sending these messages back and forth, only getting generic responses.

Thanks for all the help!


In addition to what has already been said, your main image does not comply with Amazon’s image guidelines. It should be on a pure white background and show only the product itself, which must occupy at least 85% of the image space: yours appears to occupy only about 50%

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