Is it true that the utility bill doesn't have to be on your own name?



When I check the requirements of Amazon for a utility bill, (see the file I uploaded) The utility bill can be on my mother’s name but needs to be the same address of course. Can someone confirm? Because I hear that name and address must be the same, but the photo says something else.

Any help would be appreciated!

Thank you very very much.


OK so that notice does say that a utility bill is acceptable even if not in your name PROVIDED that you give them some other, additional proof to show that you operate from that property.
On it’s own it will not be sufficient.


Hi Adrian, thanks for answering again.

So a utility bill (Internet Service) with my mother’s name and my address on it + Business license where my address is also shown would be enough right?


can you check this one please? @Oneida_Books