Items Listed, with Stock, but "Currently Unavailable"



I have a few ASINs, which from Manage Inventory are appearing in stock, and available.

However, when I click on the item in, it’s “Currently Unavailable”

e.g ASIN: B00HFCN3H8

I have viewed the items on, .fr etc… and they are available for sale. It’s just that there’s an issue.

As I say, everything looks normal in Seller Central, plenty of stock etc… I’ve also seen that sales have been non existent for a month or so for these ASINS (we normally sell at least 7 or 8 per month on UK)

I have gone through the process on Seller Support, but it just tells me the listing is available and live every time.

Anyone else having this issue?


When searching for the ASIN B00HFCN3H8, it shows as available for sale and sold by Slumber Suite.