Launch SEND program to UK for Chinese sellers


SEND is an Amazon Partnered Carrier program that allows you to send your Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) inventory from China to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK. The program enables you to ship your FBA shipments in a cost-effective manner. Once the partnered carrier picks up your shipment, they will handle shipping from customs clearances to delivery to an Amazon fulfilment centre. Doorstep pickup and drop-off at a carrier facility in China is available.

Below is a detailed list of program features:

  • Integration into Seller Central
  • Enabled with fulfilment centre locking
  • Amazon-facilitated shipping with stable service
  • Amazon-negotiated rates and seamless payments
  • Door-to-door pickup and delivery
  • End-to-end tracking

On Confirm shipping page of Send to Amazon, select Amazon Partnered Carrier to deliver your shipment. Click here to learn more about SEND.


On behalf of all UK small businesses, we wish Chinese factories and sellers the best of luck with this excellent new program for them.


On behalf of all UK small businesses… like we need anymore chinese crap on Amazon to compete with.


I would be interested if Amazon have provided them with a reverse-logistics solution.
something that Amazon so far are unable to provide to uk fba sellers selling via euro fba centres.


Cheers Amazon, just what we as sellers need here in the UK!


If a Chinese seller sends something non compliant that later goes on to burn down a house or injure somebody, and the accountable entity cannot be brought to be held liable, does Amazon take liability given they actively court this route to market?


Last year Amazon wanted to promote a green awareness and had a programme to help support small business.
This year more landfill and more competition that is subsidised so we haven’t got a chance to compete.
Maybe if we had stayed in Europe we wouldn’t be as exposed !
Why not help UK sellers take our products to the US as easliy ?


And is this program available to UK sellers (or sellers from anywhere else for that matter) who are sending stock from China to Amazon fulfilment centres in the UK?

If not, why not?

Can you clarify this because the link you supplied doesn’t say it’s just for Chinese sellers, yet your announcement headline seems to suggest that it is?


Give Amazon direct access to your suppliers in China? So they can bypass you and undercut you on your own listings?

I think not.



I notice you have not replied to my question.

Is this because you intend to discriminate against anyone who is not based in China… AGAIN?

Because I was under the impression that ANY kind if discrimination is illegal, or does Amazon think the law doesn’t apply to them?


I have no particular objection to trade between nations, or competition in general.

In this case though, it is clearly a problem to have sellers which cannot be held accountable for their sales in UK (and other non Chinese jurisdictions) able to sell goods into the market place.

There is no mechanism that works for holding safety standards, consumer rights act obligations, warranty etc to account which is bad for the customer.

If you really considered the customers safety and rights first you would not help to facilitate this kind of sale and I place this message on record to demonstrate that this was not a matter that was unknown to Amazon and has been brought up by sellers time and time again.

In my opinion Amazon is placing customers at risk by encouraging this sales type without ensuring that a UK entity with sufficient insurance/resources to cover any liability claims is in place.

If Amazon is confident in these sellers, Amazon should offer to take liability for the products should the seller be unobtainable by any customer who suffers a loss from their purchase.