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Hi Everyone
I have listed some bread making kits and when I search for them they don’t appear at all unless I put the full title in, none of the key words I have added to my search words in the listing tool.
Any advice?
Also no one else is selling them so its not like I am competing with other sellers.
Thanks is advance


Search the forum for ‘keywords’ and you’ll get a mountain of information.


Amazon changed the rules on back end keywords , just check the blog below that you have them setup correctly;

On August 2nd, 2018, Amazon announced an update to the search term fields in Amazon Seller Central.

The most important changes are:

The total length of search terms is now limited to 249 bytes (compared to 250 bytes before)
This limit now also includes spaces, hyphens, commas etc.
You can only edit or create product listings when your search terms are within the prescribed length limit

4 5ths of my keywords are gone

I did all this originally and limited my words to Beer, Bread, kit and still nothing shows up???
searching keywords in the forum hasn’t really helped…


These keywords are too broad “beer” will bring up anything “beer” related listing the highest sales ranking products first , these keywords need to be more specific to the product you are selling and more indicative of how a customer would search for such an item , “Bread making kit” for example is also too broad it will bring up a variety of bread making solutions


Thank you! Unfortunately there’s not much more I can say about it other than it’s a beer bread kit and the brand name which people wouldn’t know to search for. If I type in beer bread to amazon another kit comes up and then a load of other stuff but not mine.


What’s the ASIN? people search in different ways to what you may expect


Beer bread? Lovely! I seem to have overlooked that variety of my favourite beverage.


beer gifts, beer making, good beer guide, camra and so on? Not just the product.


B00IFEMNR6 is one of them


I searched for BEER and BREAD, you were 6th in the search.


“Beer Bread” is key this brings up the relevant products and “Beer Bread making kit”


Odd how I don’t get it when I use that search
I do appreciate all your help!


Please stick to the pint !!


I think it could take the keywords ‘home’ ‘diy’ ‘easy’ 'do it yourself’
i like the photos.


Are you based in the UK? Check the ‘deliver to’ location on the top left of your browser - is it showing an address in the UK? If you aren’t, and it isn’t, it may not show all the results - yours included.

I often forget, and think my products have disappeared in different countries.

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