POA review , for LDR . Sent it 2 times , don't know what to add to it :/


Hey guys I don’t know where else to turn, It seems that I wrode a valid POA , but it got rejected once again. Could someone please tell me what should I add to it so that I could get my account back on track? :frowning:

The letter

Additional information
Thank you for the opportunity to appeal my seller account’s suspension due to its Late Dispatch Rate exceeding the 4% target.

I understand that Amazon takes failures to meet their strict conditions very seriously and I would like to present to you my plan of action.

What went wrong:

• I failed to check the expiration date on my credit card so I could not access control of my account for a whole week until a new credit card arrived and a new charge method was installed.
• I failed to realize that my listings were active in that period, people were still buying my products, the orders were piling up without being dispatched.
• I failed to put my account into holiday mode when that was necessary.

I take full responsibility for my failures and would like to share my plan of action that describes how I will prevent these issues from happening again

My actions to resolve the issue:

• I have carefully read the Amazon policies and help pages, especially the ones regarding minimum performance standards and late dispatch rate guidelines, to ensure that I don’t violate them again.
• I added 2 credit cards in my charge method so that if one expires I could use the other one.
• I made my shipping cost 7 euros, so I could afford a faster and more reliable tracked/express shipping method.
• I extended the handling time from 1-2 to 7 days on all of my active listings.

My actions to prevent this from happening again.

• In case for any reason, me or my co-workers are unable to fulfill the orders. the entire account will be set on holiday settings.
• I will regularly review my performance metrics to verify that I am within Amazon’s targets.
• I will always check the date of my credit cards to order a new one before the old ones expire.
• I will answer my customers’ messages within 24 hours. All orders will be shipped and confirmed as dispatched on time.

I believe that my plan of action sufficiently addresses the issues noted in the suspension notice and I am looking forward to hearing from you about the status of my account.



In fact it’s not add, it’s subtract…
In the past the same old templates were copy / pasted responses.
This format is immediately flagged up now by bots. By all means be polite but do not use the same wording. so please delete these parts for starters.
Lose the following:-

Delete this too…

and remove this…

Now your plan of action stands a chance of being accepted.
I have not checked if you have copied entire paragraphs but the above are instantly recognisable.
Please make all statements relevant to you and your company.
Your plan should be specific to you.
Anything you say you have done or will do, actually put into practice because a further POA may not be accepted if the same situation arises.

I hope this helps


Hello @Epicwinclothing,

I understand you are facing issues with LDR of your account and you will need some help with your appeal.

As suggested by @anglozone, your appeal must be specific to your business and you have to make sure that you implement the changes you mention in it so that your future orders are not affected.

I’d also suggest that you try and review your account to identify the possible issues which impacted late shipment on your account and what specific actions have you taken to address them and how will you prevent from happening in future. Please make sure you submit an updated appeal in the below format:

  1. Reason/Root cause for orders being shipped late.
  2. The immediate steps you had taken to rectify the situation.
  3. The preventive steps you can take to make sure the metric or your buyers aren’t affected in anyway.

Once the team receives the details, they will review and assist you accordingly.

All the best!