Quick Tip: Account Safety – Part 1


Hi Sellers!

To protect yourself from online phishing or spoofing, here are some actionable tips for protecting the security of your Amazon account below.

  1. Set up Two-Step Verification for all of your Amazon accounts.
  2. Pick strong passwords that are different for each of your accounts and change your password regularly.
  3. Make sure that the email address or the mobile number that you use to sign in to your account is up-to-date.
  4. If your business has multiple users, create a unique account for each user and then link all accounts to the primary seller account. Ensure that you regularly review secondary users who have access to your account and revoke access to users who no longer need it.
  5. Review your Notification Settings and ensure that you have the required set-up to receive notifications of important actions being taken on your account.

For more information, go to Two-step verification frequently asked questions.

Do you have any tips or best practices to share for protecting your Amazon account?

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Never click on links in emails, check your account health if you receive emails stating there is an issue with your account.


Thank you! :slight_smile: Some phishing scams have become so elaborate I am always sceptical of emails I receive with links!


Why does Amazon still send out emails with links, which when you click requests you to login to view the content.

No login associated link should be sent, it simply gives scammers another way to trick you into thinking a similar phishing email is genuine when it may not be.



Thanks for your post and apologies for the delayed response.

Without seeing the links one reason I can think of is that the URL is not the same as the one you have logged into your account with.

I’ll try and explain this without creating confusion :slight_smile:

When I log in to Seller Central I use sellercentral-europe.amazon.com. From speaking with other sellers, I know many people use sellercentral.amazon.co.uk instead. Using this as example, if the link in the email sent to me is for amazon.co.uk, I will be asked to log in to see it.

I personally like seeing these things visually so I will use this thread to demonstrate what I am saying.

When I view this thread, I will see the link in this format: https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com/forums/t/quick-tip-account-safety-part-1/579434

Someone that has logged into the forum using amazon.co.uk will see this link: https://sellercentral.amazon.co.uk/forums/t/quick-tip-account-safety-part-1/579434

I am logged in using the first link but when I click the second one I am not logged in so this could be what you are experiencing when clicking on links in emails received.

I hope that this makes sense!
However, I appreciate your feedback on this and I’m glad you have shared it with us.



Hi Jessica

I did ask another mod a while back if links on amazon uk could be pointed to the amazon uk help page that it represented, but they said it was policy to direct to the EU pages instead

the response I got -

I checked and actually all the links should be sent with Europe domain to ensure that all sellers across UK and EU can access them.


Hi Jessica,

Thanks for the reply.

It should be kept simple, any emails with basic information or updates, should not require a login to view, irrespective on which way they login.

Fraudsters know that Amazon requests a login when they send out emails with updates, so they send out similar emails. If there wasn’t a requirement to login to view such updates, you would eliminate this avenue for them.


Hi @The_Little_Shop

Thanks for your post.

As so many sellers use their accounts across multiple marketplaces, it is easier to provide the European links because we cannot tell from a post where each seller is selling. When someone is logged into their account using the European URL, clicking on a help page link with Europe will ensure that the link opens in their chosen marketplace and in the language they are using.

I do encourage people to log into their accounts using https://sellercentral-europe.amazon.com to make sure that links do work for them, especially if they are selling across multiple marketplaces. I also know that it is personal preference, so if there are any links you cannot access let us know!

When posting on the forum I do try and use the title of the help page I am referencing, where I can (and remember) so that if you cannot open it from the link you can search in your account to find it.




You are very welcome!

Thank you for your feedback on this, it is a very important topic.
It is necessary to be vigilant and while I can’t commit to no links being sent to sellers the other mods and I can check any that people bring to our attention.

I almost got tricked by a fraud email recently for a package delivery; it just so happened I was waiting on something that would require me to pay import duties and the fraud email arrived 5 minutes before the genuine payment request!

Thanks again for your posts!

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