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There are many threads on the forum discussing various aspects of listing products on Amazon. This series of Quick Tips will highlight some important areas that can help you when listing products.

Customers trust that they can always buy with confidence on Amazon. Products offered for sale on Amazon must comply with all laws and regulations and with Amazon’s policies.

  • As a seller, you need to understand and comply with Amazon’s policies on product safety and compliance. For more information, visit the Product Safety and Compliance page.
  • Accurately categorise and describe your products.
  • Only create valid ‘variations’ that relate to the primary product. For more details, please see the Variations Policy.
  • If you wish to sell a product under a different trademark (for example, brand or manufacturer name) to that of an existing ASIN (or where an existing ASIN has been created without a brand or manufacturer), do not change the existing ASIN. Instead, create a new ASIN for that trademarked product. Please see our ASIN creation policy for more details.
  • Detail page information must be added in the local language of the specific marketplace (i.e. Japanese for Amazon.co.jp, German for Amazon.de, Portuguese for Amazon.br, etc.). Foreign Books are the only category where listings in foreign languages are allowed; in this case, the language of the detail pages’ content shall be either the local language of the specific marketplace or the same language of the book being sold.

Watch out for additional quick tips coming soon for detail pages!

Do you have any detail page quick tips you would like us to share?

Quick Tip Recap
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I have not been able to list a single new product from scratch for over 18 months neither can any of my competitors. you have made that big of a mess the only new listings are all fakes from ali baba sellers. 2 years ago in my section 97-98% of goods were authentic now it is less than 50%.
we have been in contact with what you call support on one case trying to get clearance for brand names so that I can fix existing listings for 15 months and counting. after 15 months they still cannot tell the brand or product name. Last night during a coaching session (for under 6s) I showed them the same images that seller support could not fix and asked them what is in this photo all of the children could name the brand and products within seconds but yet Amazon SS cannot tell after 15 months.

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