Quick Tip: Getting paid


Getting paid is important so here are some tips to ensure that your account is set up to receive payments from Amazon and how to understand when you will be paid.

When your seller account is settled and you have a positive balance, Amazon sends the money to your bank account using an Automated Clearing House (ACH) or electronic funds transfer. It can take up to five working days for the money to appear in your bank account after Amazon initiates a payment.
Before we can pay you, you must provide a valid bank account as the Deposit Method in your seller account settings. We cannot make payments to a credit card or online payment system, such as PayPal. In addition to this you need to have a valid credit card as the Charge Method in your seller account settings.

The Statement View tab of your Payments Dashboard will display the current balance for standard orders. The current and previous settlement cycles can be seen from the ‘Settlement Period’ drop down or by searching the details of an order number in the ‘Find a transaction’ field.
On the bottom of the page you can check the expected payment amount along with the transfer date for the current payment cycle.

Payment dates vary for each seller based on their registration date. Please see the When will I be paid? help page for more details on when you will be paid.
It is a normal part of selling on Amazon to see funds in the account level reserve on your Payments report and you can find out more on this help page: What is account level reserve?

You can find out more about the Payments Summary in the following Seller University video: How the payments process works?
For additional information please check the links on the following help page: Payments FAQ

Do you disburse daily or do you wait for a certain length of time?

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I disburse daily and i would like to know why amazon cannot send the UK funds to our bank accounts on a same day ‘faster payment’ method like the other sites can

I remember them trialling it about 5 years ago but it only lasted a week or so.
I also know from selling in EU previously that EU payments are received on same day


This was true for a few months but now takes 1 working day on average for us which is an improvement over the 3-5 days it was a few years ago, atleast from EU IBAN to EU IBAN.


mine were like that for 10 years - EU site direct to UK bank account
are you in UK or EU ?


It’s Amazon, and the UK, everything’s broke or tailored in favour of the bigger corps, our energy payments doubled a while ago, but so has the amount we now have in credit on that account, means the energy companies now have surplus millions gaining interest that we’ve now lost, probably same with Amazon or UK banks!.


Yes I’ve read that before and might still be the case for UK bank accounts but doesn’t seem to apply for EU banks. We are in EU.

Basically when we click disburse it will move up to ‘sent to bank’ on the date of clicking disburse but will then change to the next day’s date and received that day. So 1 day excluding weekends and bank holidays.
For example this one shows sent to bank on the 7th, but when I’ll check tomorrow it will magically be dated the 8th.


interesting - so it seems that if you are in UK, you have to wait 3 -5 days for funds from UK - but same day from EU
If you are in EU - you only have to wait a day for UK funds . How long do EU funds takes to arrive ?


Disburse daily as it is easier to manage my cash flow. Also if there are any Amazon issues with my account and money is held then I only have the minimum possible in my Amazon funds.

It would be nice if Amazon would allow automatic disbursement every day as an option. It suits a lot of sellers to disburse daily.


Every 2 weeks on a Friday as it auto does it :slight_smile:. I do think it would benefit those doing it daily to have the choice to set it when they’d like it automatically done.


Disburse daily and have been for years but agree with The_Little_Shop it is ridiculous that we have to wait 3 days for the disbursement to arrive into are account when other sites manage to do it the same day.


you’re brave. I would never leave my funds in here for longer than necessary


My reference was EU to EU though, we do not sell on the Amazon UK marketplace anymore after Brexit.
Prior it would also be 3 working days for disbursements, but I believe we had a GB IBAN at that moment in time so can’t clarify if it was faster for EU banks previously or what the situation is now.


our issue is specifically with UK to UK Payments…


I quoted you on the EU part and the faster payments they seemed to have trialed and thought of sharing how it’s working across the pond at this moment in time for comparison, sorry, back on topic, agreed that payments should not be taking this long for UK to UK disbursements, the funds must be hanging somewhere…


More concerned with the stock we’ve got in FBA than the disbursement if anything were to happen, to be honest.

@Jessica Does it concern you (not personally but as a team…) how volatile well established sellers on here feel Amazon is, with concerns on their payments not being dispersed should something go wrong?


I run on Just In Time so that I never have too much stock in either



Thanks for your post. I believe it is the banking mechanism used to transfer funds from UK to UK. I don’t have the exact details but I will let you know if I get any further information. Also if anything was to change in the transfer mechanism in the future I would to let you all know too :slight_smile:



Why does it state it has to be a credit card as the charge method?

I don’t have a credit card and use my debit card for the charge method which has always been fine with no issues.

I leave the disbursement as is, so it comes down every 2 weeks.


Hi .Then how do other sites do the transfer quicker and not hold on to the Sellers money ?
I would definitely like confirmation on this .