Quick Tip: Variations – Part 2


Why are my Variations breaking?
To troubleshoot Variations breaking, leverage this, Determine Variations for your Product, and then contact seller support if there is not a resolution. Common issues that break variations are listed below:

  • Are the products the same brand, product type, and category?
  • Do the products vary only in a few, specific ways that do not alter the core essence and nature of the item (such as colour or size)?
  • Does the variation attribute contain more than one product characteristic?
  • Did you add the appropriate variation value to the product title?

Note: When multiple sellers sell the same product through a single detail page, Amazon combines and presents the best product data to ensure customers get the best experience. This suggests that others sellers can change variation families. If you believe a bad actor has manipulated a variation family, such as by adding an invalid product or removing a valid product, contact seller support.

Quick Tip Recap
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A major issue I have with Variations breaking is that seller A sets up the Variation Listing correctly.

A little while later I add my offers to the Variation Listing. I have permission to list from the supplier/brand.

Seller A at some point in the future sells out and deletes the parent/child listings. This then breaks the Variation.

I then have to create the parent in order to correct the issue. I have had around 10 variation listings break in the last 2 weeks alone due to this.

This really is a bug with the way Amazon works and needs to be resolved. Yes creating the parent is easy but the big problem is when you don’t have permission to create new ASIN’s for that brand…you then have to go and apply for Brand permission which is time consuming.

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