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I am from Slovenia and I open LTD company in UK and now I need to open bank account for my LTD company. I would like to open bank account online. I just know Fire - Fire Business Accounts where you can open it online. The only thing that’s bad is that they don’t have credit card.

Do you recommend or do you know some other bank which can you open online without flying on UK :wink:?

Thank you for your help!


I presume you require the Limited Company to operate on Amazon? If so, you require a debit card or credit card to be registered on your account. It cannot be operated without one so there’s no point in opening a bank account without cards. Virtually every bank account provides at least a standard debit card but almost nobody will do an online business bank account alone. Our bank did not require face to face meeting at a branch but we obviously had to provide certain documentation in the post. If you have opened a limited company in the UK, then you obviously have a registered office address for correspondence?


Don’t think any UK bank will open an account for you without you personally being there with your identity documents.EU money laundering regulations.


And do you actually need an UK account for the UK company? We are a new seller as well and our limited company is based in one member country (not UK) and we just opened a bank account for that company in another member country (where we live in). You should be able to open a bank account for a company in any member country, but maybe UK is an exception.

#5 will pretty much give anyone a uk account, £69 annual charge for the card tho


Thank you for all replies. Yes we know that we will have to submit all the documentation. We have all papers and UK address. We will also open Shopify because of that I would like to open bank account where is company location. Amazon don’t support Slovenia (they already suspended one accoutn with Slovenia dates) because of that I will not risk it again.

@Retro_Emporium which bank do you have?

I read some posts in forums about . A lot of sellers have problem with verification. Because of that I asking is there any other option. I also looking for some Austria or Germany bank, maybe the best option for us now.

Thank you all!


You can use Cash Plus but there is a fee to pay for that, plus the card is a pre-paid Mastercard, not a proper credit card as such, so I’m not sure if Amazon would accept this card for the charging / dispersing method. We bank with Santander.

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