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Do sellers that are promoted with the ‘Amazon’s choice’ flag have a different relationship with Amazon to the rest of us? I had an interview a while back with a company that said their ‘orders from Amazon’ came in twice a week and I notice they pretty much are always Amazon’s choice despite costing 25% more than comparable products.


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No they don’t have any special relationship that get them that badge. They are ranked for a specific keyword and are the best sellers.

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It is related to Amazon Alexa for particular keywords.

If you say ‘Alexa order me some washing-up liquid’ it will order the Amazon Choice for the term washing-up liquid for example.


It’s something that seems to have appeared lately.
It’s not on individual sellers, but on the listings themselves.
Who knows how they decide to put that flag though.
I have it on a few of my listings now, some of which certainly aren’t high ranking.


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Thanks for your posts on this.

I’ve found some further information relating to this feature.

Amazon’s Choice is a feature that helps Amazon customers save time and effort when searching for common, everyday items and suggests highly-rated, well-priced products with Prime shipping. Amazon’s Choice is not available for all products.

Sellers don’t need to enroll or register to be considered for Amazon’s Choice – the Amazon’s Choice feature considers all highly-rated, Prime-eligible items sold or fulfilled by Amazon. It’s not possible to specifically request that your product be selected as Amazon’s Choice for a given search keyword.

Selections are constantly updated, so continuing to offer high quality, well-priced products to your customers will give you the best chance to be selected as Amazon’s Choice.

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Thanks, Jessica.

I think I have worked out now that they are also Amazon vendors hence their comment about ‘receiving orders’ from Amazon which was the bit that was confusing me.

It’s just a little annoying when you are either paying to promote something or your sales have you positioned at the top to find the item below you is flagged as Amazon’s choice.


We don’t have any special relationship but many of our products have this badge.

We were offered Amazon vendor status but turned it down as our margins would have been cut by more than half. So like I said, no special relationship.

They have to be good sellers with good reviews… average over 4*

I guess that Amazon think that good selling products must be fairly priced, or they wouldn’t be good sellers. I hope this helps!


We have not paid a penny to have the Amazon Choice badge on some of our listings. We are not Amazon vendors so you are WRONG.


I think you’ve misunderstood me, their comment that they received orders from Amazon had let me to believe they had a special relationship with them but I realise now that their stuff is ordered that way because they are Amazon vendors.

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