I sent back the wrong item to Amazon by mistake and they have discarded it?


I was attempting to return an item but the item I sent back was the wrong one (forgot to switch it back with the new version).

So they got my £300+ item and informed me they are sending it back because it wasn’t the right one. They then emailed me nearly 2 weeks later informing me that they are not sending it back to me because it has been discarded


  1. They have thrown away my very expensive item
  2. I now do not have the original packaging to send back the correct item

What shall I do?

Thank youin advance


When you were advised that Amazon were returning the incorrect item you sent them did they ask you to supply a prepaid label to cover the postage costs? If they did and you didn’t do this then this is why your item was disposed of after two weeks.
It is unlikely the seller will now accept the original item back for a full refund either as you no longer have the original packaging so it can no longer be returned to stock as new.
Unfortunately I think that you have made a costly error and just have to suffer the consequences.
It is probable that the seller, whether Amazon or a 3rd party seller, thought that you had deliberately bought a new item, then sent your old one back and attempted to get a refund and keep the new item. That is a fairly common scam.
Sorry but I don’t think there is much you can do except possibly send the new item back for a partial refund, or keep it.

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