Ineligible for advertising


Dear Friends,

I’m trying to make a campaign, but when I make the list of the product and finish my Status is “Ineligible” “Your offer is not eligible for advertising” What Can I do? I can’t make advertising?

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To start a campaign you need to be eligible for the Buy Box first - do you have this?

To qualify for Buy Box you need to have a Professional account for at least 90 days…then there are other criteria (but sadly nobody - including Amazon - seems to know what they are)


But I have others campaign with others products


what a while, sometimes the system can be a little slow for new campaigns.

I’ve had this message appear frequently, it normally goes after a minute or less but has lasted up to an hour before products are activated on the campaign.


Sorry did not realise that - as didn’t say in opening message - as per last response…just try again.

Sometimes takes a few attempts.


Now my campaign say “Your ad is not eligible for impressions because your listing is not in the buy box”

How Can I put my listing in the buy box?


you can not - it is down to Amazon algos.

you could try reducing the price as that has an impact.

but remember that the buy box is shared out to eligible sellers so it is possible for you to be seeing that because it’s not ‘your turn’ for the buy box at the moment.

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