Listing status Inactive (Out of Stock) While there is stock available



Has anyone of you come across this scenario?

We sent the stock to Amazon FBA and booked correctly and it was shown in the inventory section as well. All of a sudden status changed to Inactive (Out of Stock) but still the stock quantity is shown under the available column.

I have raised a ticket and they have asked to refresh the listing by uploading listing loader file but still issue remains. I have been uploading the listing loader file and sending them the processing summary few times now without any luck.

If some of you have experienced this kind of a thing please share what you have done to resolve the issue.


I have the same problem. Long chat with the support but without any result


I wouldn’t fret too much, this happens to us on a regular basis. The stock will simply be in transit to another FC, and whilst it’s on it’s way, it gats marked as being inactive. It should correct itself in a few days.

Out of interest, is the stock also showing as being stranded?


It is not in transit and is stranded. Our problem is that we used to sell in UK but now we sell just in EU, so the SKU of stranded products are for UK. But we uploaded the file folowing the suport instructions with the new location and still nothing.


This happened to us recently. We fixed it by deleting the SKY and adding it again via the add a product tool (not an upload file). In fact last time it happened we didn’t even delete it first, we just went to add a product and used the exact same product SKU as was already existing, chose fulfilment by Amazon and it fixed it.


I also have a same problem, May I know is there anyone solve? It has been 2 months pass, I tried to refresh the listing by uploading listing loader files, change to fulfilled by Amazon and ask Amazon Seller Support to help to refresh inventory, these three ways I tried many times and I open many cases, but they all same answers, who can help me please?


Managed to get the issue fixed with the help from the support team.

Reuploaded the product template by changing the Fulfillment Channel Code column to AMAZON_EU.


any instructions how to do this as i’m having similar issues?