Listings blocked with regard to pricing issues - Help


Update - two of my listings are live again. One I submitted a plan for and the other I didn’t :woman_shrugging:t2: No idea why and zero communication from Amazon. Let’s see if they stay live…


We had a response to our action plan, but it just referred to 1 listing, and advised if we edited this listing it would come back, which it did but our action plan listed 7 listings
so we still have 6 suspended, however the listings now say suspended due to pricing error whereas yesterday they were " Blocked" until they received action plan
I have re submittted plan to see what happens ???


We have the same problem. We revert all our items and start sell on eBay, for a fair better price now.


Look up" Pricing your item" section:
is clearly stated that we, seller "may list items at any price we feel is fair, regardless of the price or list price. Furthermore the reference The UK Competition and Markets Authority guidance. which states: “Re-pricing software can be used to encourage healthy competition among online sellers, but it’s illegal to use it as part of a price-fixing agreement.” Which exactly what amazon algo does to our listing, it fix our prices at the the level that is quite often impossible to make any profit. It is not only against the Amazon policy but it is ILLEGAL.I suggest you guys read it and start sending queries to SS referencing that.


I think I’ve figured this out. My listings are all live again now as a result of changing the prices. I had to mess around with them quite a bit, trying out different prices, but eventually I found a price for each which kept it live. The weird thing is, the prices I’ve had to use aren’t prices these products have ever been before…which doesn’t make any sense. They’re similar by a €1 either way but not the same. I guess Amazon has set some kind of rule which will only release the product and make it live again within a certain parameter which, as usual, is only know to them.


Good to know you sorted it
As the issue seems to be a price one, we tried an experiment of adjusting a listing by reducing by 25 % but still blocked then tried another at a 60% reduction ,and yet again still blocked ??
( we have put the prices back to the original, just in case by some miracle they go live again !)
We did receive an instruction for Amazon to email the listing evaluation team with all details which we did, unfortunately we have a missed call from Amazon on Sunday, with no way to return call & then yesterday had am email saying could we email again, which we did but not heard anything since, so I guess we`ll just have to wait and see if they contact us again


At Last a sensible reply from SS in France acknowledging there is a issue :

" Please be informed that this is an ongoing issue for multiple sellers across all the marketplaces in EU region.

The concerned team is already working on it and as soon as the issue is fixed you will notified about it.

You do not have to contact us again with the sane as the issue is already been worked upon.

If only the UK would do a similar things the keep on bouncing irrelevant cut and paste messages


Thanks Healthy_Click1
As you say, If only Amazon had the sense to put out a message it would save sellers a lot of work and stress, it would also save amazon having to deal with thousands of seller inquireys as well !


I had this response from them a week ago…yet nothing changed from it, in fact that case is still open.

@Plantation_Designs I had to reduce mine to €1 less than they they’ve historically been. I also tried going cheaper but they stayed blocked, it was only the €1 reduction which did it.


Got the same situation here, 3 child-SKUs priced the same are live, one child-sku has been blocked due to [Inactive ] Potential high pricing error / Listing Error.

Seller Support has told me to change my price to match their fair pricing policy, yet the brand is owned by myself, the RRP was set by myself and the margins are not extortionate and our product is well below other competitors.

We’re just getting the same automated copy and paste email from SS.


Thanks again for the info Pura_Vida_EU

We have had 1 listing mysteriously re listed but have 6 more still suspended, tried your suggestion of lowering by £1 but within seconds one came back as suspended - will see what happens to the others - still no response from Listing evaluation team !


we also have the same issue , the listing is sold for at least one year at same price but now it is blocked and noted by Amazon price is wrong and u need to lower the price to active the listing


@AUKX I have this exact same problem and it is driving me insane. Have you had any luck sorting it? Any tips on how to deal with the lack of seller support right now?


No idea at all on the next steps, Seller Supports reply to me was (below) and they’ve left the case open, their Managing Directors team have also said await further instructions but to be honest, until they calm down their price gouging system down I think this will keep happening.

Hello from Amazon Selling Partner Support.

I understand that your listing is still showing as having a Potential high pricing error despite numerous attempts to update the price.

There is a technical issue currently that is impacting sellers listings in regard to pricing and our engineers are working hard to resolve this as quickly as possible.

I will keep you updated on the progress.

With warmest regards.

Thank you for selling with Amazon.


It might actually help to email I know that sounds unlikely but, a while ago I had a problem that went on for about 8 weeks. I emailed Jeff and, although it wasn’t him personally that responded, whomever it was that did, resolved the issue same day.

I’m in the same situation as many of you - items suspended for potential pricing error with no amount of changing fixing the problem - and have emailed. If enough of us did, it might be the imputous for them to sort shiz out.

One thing I do know - the “problem” will miraculously disappear once the Covid thing has died down.


Out of interest, what did you send to get that response? All I keep getting is that I should look at their fair pricing policy blah blah


Below is what I sent to them to get them to respond saying it was a technical issue and that their engineers are working on this

Is seller support reading what I am typing in this case?

The average selling price is £x, ITS MY BRAND, I set the RRP on creation of this product, no other sellers have or can sell this product. It was live at this price before amazon blocked this listing, and it was £x the whole time. You keep saying to match the BuyBox price, the BuyBox price is my price.

Please unblock this ASIN, and ask a manager to look into this


Hello again,

No idea if you resolved your pricing issues, but magically one of Amazons Seller Support staff resolved mine after it was Inactive due to a high pricing issue so they do have the ability to fix it


@AUKX they have now actually blocked one of my ASINS because of pricing error. This is just painful.

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