Premium Delivery Eligibility - Amazon failing to deliver orders on time!



I was wondering for any feedback regarding the Premium Delivery Eligibility metrics.

Amazon are failing to deliver our Premium orders (second day & next day) on time. Our on-time delivery rate is currently 91.6%, way below the required 97% target.

We have pulled many reports from Amazon and every order that was delivered late has been held up in transit by Amazon (usually 24 hours delay) yet we are being penalised for this?

To clarify we pick and dispatch these type of orders approx 3 times per day and we are 100% sure we always dispatch them on time.

In my opinion when the premium orders have been scanned in and collected from our warehouse that’s our job complete. The on-time delivery rate shouldn’t be part of the Premium Delivery Eligibility and shouldn’t be impacting sellers.

When we don’t adhere to this metric our sales can reduce in half believe it or not.

Are any other sellers experiencing this?

Any feedback would be great.

Thanks Ant


I can only suggest you to use a different carrier if you are having a difficulty with delayed deliveries.

Here is the full list of approved carriers for Premium Delivery on the Amazon UK marketplace:


Ironically I didn’t think Amazon Logistics were an approved courier for Premium orders?


Hi Kika,

Thanks for the reply, however I don’t think you read my post correctly. It’s Amazon who are failing to deliver the items on time (Amazon Logistics).

Please do advise
Thanks Ant


Bizarre as it sounds Amazon Logistics aren’t an approved carrier for Premium deliveries.


Yes, I understand, but this doesn’t make any difference.


Hi Kika, does that mean Amazon Logistics aren’t an approved carrier for Premium deliveries?

Please do advise
Thanks Ant


As we’ve just said, no, they aren’t.




If this is true, then why are they the first courier option when you attempt to ‘buy shipping’?

Please do advise

Thanks Ant


Because they begin with A?


Is that a trick question?


No, just flippant. @Kika has already posted the list of approved carriers and Amazon logistics are not on it.

I would suggest using another carrier with a 24h delivery promise such as DPD or RM Special Delivery.


Absolute nonsense, Amazon Logistics are an approved carrier which is why only themselves and Royal Mail are allowed for SFP


Hope they’ve got deep pockets if they’ve not charged for it


yes Amazon Logistics are - we use them for 100% of our Premium Next Day orders and they all count.
This is not selecting Amazon in ‘buy shipping’ in seller central - this is actually having an account with Amazon Logistics - a separate site whereby they come and collect from you everyday


correct, so many people on here give advice without the facts, the list of approved carriers does not include Amazon Logistics because only certain customers have access to this service


that’s correct - you have to be invited to ship with them


I Would be interested to see Amazon’s take on your problem - seems like you are doing everything 100 % correct and the automated system is penalising your matrix - understanding how this is handled behind the scenes by Amazon would be helpful to know.

I have no knowledge or experience to offer any input to help or hinder you but will keep watching.


We we’re recently invited to join the Amazon Shipping program. During our conversations with with our now account manager, we were informed that their service was eligible for both Premium and Prime orders and should any orders arrive late that they would take responsibility and they would not count towards our metrics. He said that should an instance occur where an item sent on time using their service arrived late, and it did appear on our metrics, to get in touch with him and he’d sort it.


That’s a very interesting comment. How does your account manager fix your metrics if you don’t mind me asking?