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Hi Sellers!

While listing products you may discover incorrect information on a detail page. You can modify information for products and listings either one at a time using the Manage Inventory tool in your seller account, or through an inventory file upload.
If there are multiple sellers contributing information to a product detail page, you might find that some of your requested changes do not appear.

If you aren’t the brand owner, you will need to provide proof via a case to Seller Support, supporting the suggested changes to the product detail page. Acceptable proofs for attribute update requests are:

  • Manufacturer’s or publisher’s (for books) website URL clearly showing the suggested changes, along with a visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.), if available.
  • High-resolution product pictures, clearly showing the suggested changes, along with a visible product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.).
  • A high-resolution photo of the item in its original packaging showing the product identifier (UPC, EAN, ISBN, etc.) code and the attribute or attributes that you need to change.

Manufacturer’s or website URL is the only acceptable evidence for product image update requests. Any requests without valid proof supporting the changes will not be accepted.

Check out the following help pages for further details of how to update or suggest changes to detail pages:
Edit listing and product information
There is a mistake on a product detail page. How can I correct it?
Suggest changes to your product detail page

If these options do not support your proposed corrections or if there is incorrect information that you cannot remove, see the Contact Us page.

How do you normally update detail pages?

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I do think there should be a little point about this on the actual edit page, I think this would mitigate a lot of frustration & posts on the forum about it. Or a link to a help page or, this.

So, put an edit in, then go to SS & give the evidence? Or, contact SS with your suggested edit and evidence?

Changing image of my listing

Sounds great, but gives even more power to the brand registry abuse that is out of control on the website.

Not only can they file for a trademark behind your back and get registered without even a notification from Amazon you then need to provide proof of your own product to make changes.

Which gives the abusers stealing peoples very high ranked products and profiteering from all other peoples hard work and investment even easier.


With difficulty, at times.

I have a couple of listings that will just not update. I’m in Handmade, they are under my brand but in a regular category, no other seller can list against (as I don’t wholesale), but no matter how many times I submit a change, it doesn’t update. Been ongoing for months. And it’s the description text - all rolled into one big unreadable block. Yet, whilst the field contains the correct text (with < br >'s as allowed), what is displayed does not.

All my other card listings are fine apart from this and one other. Contacting SS about it, I feel, would be pointless. So even your own listings (if one can allow me that phrase in this instance) aren’t easy to update at times.

PS. It wasn’t me that put in the list of random holidays/occasions.


I tried to raise an issue with a listing on seller support today where the listing has inaccurate information and yet again I am being told the brand owner controls the listing and I can not change it.

It is fairly obvious the brand owner of a major brand did not set up the listing. If they did they upload an inadequate image, incorrect variation sizes and very poor text.

The person who controls the listing is the person who set it up in the first place. So why can’t I get it changed? I can provide all the evidence from the manufacturer that is needed to prove it is wrong.

Seller Support helpfully told me they emailed the brand owner with my suggestions…

It shouldn’t feel like it is an uphill battle to get a listing corrected…if it is wrong it is wrong regardless of who set it up.


Hi @HOSupplies!

It is best practice to submit the edit on your side first and then contact Seller Support. Once the information has been added by you to the item it will be present in our internal systems even if it isn’t displaying on the PDP.



This is almost impossible for out-of-print books and other media items.

One factor is that many manufactures / publishers virtually abandon out of print editions so there are no official website links.
A small number of rogue and careless sellers get around this by using software to create millions of redundant ‘generic’ duplicates of ASINs/ ISBNs that are already in the catalogue.
These sellers do so not to sell their own stock (they mostly don’t have any physical stock) but get other sellers on Amazon to dropship their orders through questionable retail arbitrage from within Amazon itself.
All of this has led to a profound degeneration of the BMVD catalogue, especially for OOP books.
It must be very confusing and off-putting to buyers.

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