*Updated* Detailed guide explaining how to win all types of A-Z claims


Ok. I already tried refusing to refund when I told them I had inspected the item and it was totally as described, etc with the buyers personalisation how they had ordered it. I will try and refund 50% then and email the A-Z to tell them its a goodwill gesture.

This really is a farce, because the buyer misspelt the name I am being held responsible. I have paid for the blanket, I have paid to post the blanket to their requirements, never mind the time etc. Amazon should really look at this, it makes me wonder how they get on over on the handmade section.


Thanks for this guide, much appreciated - have successfully used your guide in the past, so I thought I’d give my thanks!


If the value is worth it to you, inform the buyer there will be no refund and the “personalised” item is worthless to you and as per Amazon Terms & Conditions is “non-returnable” for change of mind. Re-confirm the item is in perfect condition.
You may lose the A-Z claim (Amazon constantly get it wrong), Amazon may refund from their funds, or you may win.
If you lose, then you should be able to appeal and wn by contacting jeff@amazon.com
NOTE - nothing is guaranteed on Amazon as we are not dealing with logical reasonable people.


Didn’t work for me. I lost a case last week and lost the appeal a few days later.

Item sent international track and signed.

The package was apparently signed for by someone else in an apartment block, the buyers address did not have a apartment number only the building number.

I found the building on google and even sent the link to A-Z showing it was a block of apartments and said the buyer only gave the building number without a apartment number.

I stated that i should not be responsible if a buyer does not give a full postal address.

It didn’t wash.

I will place a claim with Royal Mail.

I will have to live with the defect on my account


Watch out for the extra info requested by Amazon coming though on a Friday…meaning you have to respond by Sunday. Not replying will mean an automatic refund.

I am selling my business thankfully, so I wont have to deal with these &*^E%S anymore.


Sorry to read that but the refund to the buyer was the only honest and inevitable result.
This is because the evidence clearly showed the buyer did NOT receive the goods. The fact that they provided an incomplete address is not the deciding factor. You agreed to send to the address provided. You accepted the contract to provide the goods. That contract was not completed.
Whilst I agree it is very difficult to know up front if an address is complete such that we can complete a contract the fact that we accept the contract puts us in the wrong when it does not reach the buyer. Sad but there it is.

You must/should get your claim paid by the courier as they did not obtain the signature of the buyer. Hope you do. Please do come back and tell us.


Actually the evidence only shows that the buyers name was not the same as the signature received.
The evidence also shows that the seller completed his contract by delivering to the agreed address.
Whether the buyer used a different name, or whether the person who recieved the goods then gave them to the buyer is unknown.


Previously in a very similar situation of a A-Z claim.

The buyer was refunded but Amazon stood the payment as it was a 50/50 decision.

The buyer nor seller was wrong, but this occasion, I’m wrong.

I have contacted seller performance DE to see what they say.


I disagree - if it’s addressed to Batman, Gotham Towers etc and the courier hands it to Robin at Gotham Towers then the contract was not completed fully or correctly.
I am aware that couriers often allow the wrong person to sign and that is their risk - I have myself signed for the wife’s M&S bra before - the make a business decision that the number of claims for non-delivery or delivery to the wrong person will be less costly that the time taken to re-deliver or find the right person. They can of course record evidence of who they gave it to and recover the goods/value from them if it is worth their time - usually not.


Anyone who buys your business will find it very hard to use your current amazon shop / storefront.

As far as I know - Amazon do not permit this. Maybe there are loophole unbeknown to me


Thank you. It was more the principle as they had spelt their daughters name wrong and wanted a “free” one with the correct spelling. I refunded 50% which was £8 and Amazon closed the case and I have a defect on my account from it. Amazon already closed the case before this saying I wasn’t at fault, then changed their mind once I received the blanket back. The principle of this was outrageous, it simply was not my faulty the buyer put Ashley instead of Ashleigh. It was not an obvious spelling mistake that would make me question it. Hey ho.


I do totally agree with your last post. A personalised item, produced without defect as ordered should never be refunded. Hence my advice to take the matter to the top.


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Just a short note to say that I used one of your templates the other day when a buyer claimed they didn’t receive an expensive (£100+) item despite the Royal Mail tracking showing that they’d signed for it.

Within a couple of hours I received a response from Amazon saying they’d dismissed the claim and it wouldn’t affect my metrics.

So, thank you. It’s very much appreciated.


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You have fulfilled all your requirements to be covered against the INR claim.

Amazon sometimes makes erroneous claim decisions, especially since they are now updating the A-Z claim interface.

If I were you, I would appeal by e-mailing managingdirector@amazon.co.uk


Totally logical. Courier’s own risk if they do this.
Only the sender can claim from courier, so ultimately sender is responsible to buyer, and courier to sender.
(Unfair though, as RM only refunds a limited amoiunt of a pricey order).


Thank you
I feel like I have just found a winning lottery ticket