What is MSKU please




Merchant Stock Keeping Unit
A unique number you or Amazon assign to each different item you sell.


Thank You.

I am trying to fill in the form for small and light programme.

The template is not making very much sense to me. It states “save upload tab as a tab delimited file”. I checked under “save as” and cannot find any such files?! Please forgive my ignorance but am I missing something?


Thank you.

They must keep it simple really

I have been spectacularly unsucessful. I tried several kinds of uploads and keep getting the error “The “Country” field does not follow the expected format.”

They really must give us a format and not expect us to know all these kind of things.

I have no clue how to do this.

It is such a shame we cannot give feedback on all this.

Im not even going to say what would happen if I open a case and ask seller support for assistance. Their incompetence of epic proportions often make me want to jump off the next cliff in sight!


Its a type of txt file?

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Thanks for your posts.

Under the heading MSKU in column A you need to enter the MSKU in the exact same format that it is in your account. You do not need to enter any spaces or commas or enter any further details. The country row command is selected in row 1. Therefore you need to select UK or US from the drop down menu. This will apply to the items in the file. I have added a screenshot of a test file for you to see.
When you have entered the information you need to save the file in text (tab delimited) format.
You need to click on save. A table will appear and there may be a drop down menu called +Save as type+. This can vary for different computers. I’ve added an image of how mine looks. Where Excel Workbook is you can click on this to give you a list of all the formats that are available for you to save the file in. On mine it is displayed as Text (Tab delimited).

You then need to upload the saved file as you have been.

I hope this helps.




Wow many thanks much appreciated. i’ll try this and report back to you.


I keep getting the same error “country field incorrect” have given up now.


Hi Jessica

Once again thanks.

However I couldn’t view the attachment.

I got the error : " Error
You are not authorized to download the requested file. "

I cannot see any “drop down menu” for UK/US. This is an xls file isn’t it. It wouldn’t have any drop menus, sorry if I’ve got this wrong. If I have, then unless I see a screenshot, I wouldn’t be able to correct it.

Finally, there is no “tab-delimited” file for me. I don’t use microsoft office. I have something called libre. I would, however, have download the 30 day trial version of microsoft and fix this but the general consensus is that it doesn’t work for them either.

I believe the web team must offer a user friendly format.



Thanks for your reply.

I was just in the process of replying to your other post! :slight_smile:

It has worked. If you click on the View Processing report link it will download a file for you. I did this and it states: +The product has been enrolled into the FBA Small and Light programme+ so it has been successful.
MSKU stands for Merchant SKU which is the SKU of the item in your inventory.

I don’t have Libre so thanks for posting the steps you took. With so many different programmes available for people it is difficult to troubleshoot some problems.




Btw I only have SKU

I don’t have MSKU

I’m guessing both are the same?:slight_smile:

I think I may have been sucessful.

The only thing I changed was to save the file as cvs (text) and within that I found a cell "tab" and the next cell said "delimited" I clicked on all these and uploaded it.

It has returned without an error report.

Now Id be able to know more only when it comes to posting, Im yet to learn about that.

Many thanks for the guidance.



Many thanks for your time walking me through this

Yes, I understand but much as it is fun learning new things, sometimes, it gets frustrating. Ive been on this several times last night.

This time, it just clicked!! Now it looks easy and I feel silly for all the drama lol


I don’t have an option to save as .txt in either of two spreadsheet applications I use (Google Docs and OpenOffice). Is there any other option or do I need to buy old world software from Microsoft?



Thanks for your post.

I don’t use Open Office myself but some old material I have might be able to help.

When you click on Save As from the Save as type: menu select Text CSV(.csv)(*.csv). You will receive a dialogue box asking to keep the current format, you need to click this button.
The next dialogue box is where you set up the formatting options for the file. From the field delimiter dropdown menu choose {Tab}. In the Text delimiter drop down, while it is not an official option in the drop down you can click in the field and delete the default value, you need to leave this field completely blank and then click on OK. In the file system you will need to navigate to the file which you created and rename the file with a .txt extension.

You should now be able to upload the saved file.

If this doesn’t work you may have to have a search on the internet for steps to complete this.



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