Approval Request - 玩具


I want to pass the Approval Request - 玩具 , But we have been deal with this trouble for almost more than 2 months , if you know more about this , can you tell me what the documents needs
Thanks for your kind understanding and support
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The Toys category is restricted to new sellers and requires you to provide all requested documents so Amazon can review your application.

The e-mail includes everything you need to submit - Declaration of conformity and photos of the product packaging. Chinese documents and certificates will not be accepted as the proof that your products are compliant with EU standards. They need to be issued by a reputable EU company.


Very thanks for your reply , for this request approval we have been submit the DOC +CE+EN71 and the package pictures ,all the documents are tested by the test company ,it have been dealed with so so many days , and now we didin’t know how to change those informations can pass this approval , is there have any uk website to help us ?


Toys must comply with the European EU Toy Safety Directive 2009/48** / EC

Chinese declarations of Conformity are not normally accepted and are typically not genuine, in addition the CE marking is typical a China Export logo not genuine CE approval.


We also encountered this problem, we don’t know what to do, can we give us a template for DOC?


There are lots of free example templates available on Google:


So thanks for your reply , we have been deal with this trouble for almost two months , thanks for you supply us the free DOC documents,we will change the informations in according with this .
We have been rejected so many times before , very anxious ,thanks you a lot .
And are the manufactural and importer all both need to write in the DOC documents?if And must in EEA area(European Economic Area)
For the request approval is it need to subit the CE and EN71 and invoice documents?


Sorry, I don’t understand some parts of your question but you should fill the declaration to reflect the actual information and it needs to be signed either by the manufacturer or authorised representative.

The manufacturer/importer doesn’t need to be based in the EEA.

Review the requirements mentioned in the application to see what Amazon is asking for.


Hi, Have you passed the approval request ? Now I faced this probelm, have no idea to deal with the trouble, can we give us a template for DOC? How to solve it ? thank you.

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