Dual listings both fba and fbm - same product, same retailer



I notice on some listings companies have dual listing.

For instance the first is fba, but then behind that is another option for fulfilled by merchant.

How is It possible to do this?

For my listings I have 1 fba option, but then in order to sell merchant filled, I have to convert the listing.



Can you supply an Asin as an example of what you are describing?


An FBA and FBM listing is allowed for the same product. A number of FBA sellers do it.
Often used for where items go out of stock and for international sales outside the EU. That’s where the merchant side is handy.

They will have different SKU.

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Yes it is possible

To add this option to one of your current listings I have found the best way is to use the drop down menu beside the listing in Inventory and select ‘Add another condition’. You then give it a different SKU and enter price and select FBA or FBM at bottom and all done.


I do it differently.

  1. Go to Add a product in Inventory.
  2. than in a box below ‘List a new product’ put in asin you want to have fulfilled in both ways: FBA and FBM,
  3. than click search
  4. You will see 1 product on list with matching asin
  5. click sell yours
  6. You will have website with offer details to fill in. Make sure to put different SKU, than the original offer (I have fba or merch added to SKU to differentiate both products) and set the way you want to fulfill the product (Fulfilment channel)
  7. Save and finish
  8. Done.

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