Fulfilled by Amazon – Additional capacity now live


Additional capacity is now live in our UK and EU network.

With the increasing demand for Fulfillment by Amazon from sellers, we have improved storage efficiency and increased fulfilment centre capacity to help ensure you can offer the widest possible selection. We invested heavily in increasing the square footage across our fulfilment and logistics network in 2020, and in 2021, we have already opened more than 10 new fulfilment centres across the UK and EU. As part of this fulfilment centre expansion, we’re also proud to share that 7 new fulfilment centres launched their operations on September 6, 2021, including BGY1, MXP6, MUC3, EMA3, NCL1, MAD7, and POZ2.

As a result, we are adding additional FBA capacity over the peak season and have increased the restock limits to give you more opportunities to send the inventory you need to the fulfilment centre. You would have seen increased restock limits over the last few weeks, with a significant increase in September 2021, allowing you to get ready for peak demand. We encourage you to regularly review your inventory health and continue to optimize your FBA selection, including removal of inventory that is not selling, to make the most of our peak demand period.

Note: Unexpected events, such as additional COVID waves or other restrictions, may require us to adjust our plans as we continue to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our colleagues and partners. For more information on up-to-date capacity limitations, go to FBA inventory storage limits.

We are truly committed to offering the best possible service and value your partnership with us. We hope you are as excited about the above as we are and we will continue to update you.


So how do you explain the fact that my restock limits are still the same?.. :frowning_face:

Please don’t lie to us. We both know that’s not true.

If you have any doubts about that I suggest you come out of your ivory tower and start reading these forums.

You might learn a thing or two.


I have noticed that our restock limits have increased quite considerably, but our storage volume has remained the same (low). This means we cannot send in additional stock as the two limits do not seem to be aligned. Does any body else have the same problem?


Yeah, absolutely none of that is true.

They spin this drivel out and expect us to believe it.
We can all see our own restock and storage limits, they haven’t budged.


My restock limits went from 4000 to 21000 in a week last month and storage has always been unlimited - it believe it depends on whether or not your IPI was over 500 at the cut off week for Q4 storage capacity


When everything was reduced at first my restock limit was 5000, now its 53000


Same here - Pointless to increase Restock Limits if the Storage volume doesn’t increase too. My guess is Amazon want more money from the Overage Fee !!

Utilisation quantity 4,524
Maximum inventory level 23,745
Maximum shipment quantity 19,221

Current usage (cubic feet) 309.79
Current storage limit 352.00


Similar here, 2100 at lowest for standard storage, now 33000, always with unlimited storage. Happy with it now, just hoping it doesn’t go down again


Whats the point of increasing restock limit and no change in Storage volume?

I think they should just give one limit and merge these both to seller with IP < 500 and avoid all these confusions.


Unlimited storage here as IPI is over 500 and limits have increased by about 20x.


Ditto same here. I complained to SS only yesterday to say they were asking me to restock 170 units “TODAY” on 1 line as it was flying but storage volume would only allow 20 units!! As the product was selling slow last few months due to very mild weather our IPI dropped well below 500 last QTR review so storage got reduced massively. Now everyone wants to buy, FBA has the capacity, we have not prepared any stock to send blah, blah, blah! Next IPI review Jan which is totally useless for us.

It shouldn’t be necessary to dump stock at cost or well below just to ensure IPI is over 500 for the last QTR knowing full well there will be a shortage of certain products & they will fly as weather turns. Now Amzon has no stock from us or others on certain lines.


Can’t be that. My IPI has been over 600 for a least the last three months.

Yet no increase in limits for me.


Restock or storage ?


units vs volume is completely wrong. it will like our christmas. PLEASE FIX THIS AMAZON!


What’s the point of having increased limits if Amazon doesn’t let the PCP deliver the pallets?

We have around 10 pallets split across different shipments waiting to be allowed to be delivered.

Anyone else experiencing this?


Storage is unlimited, but I’m not sure if that previously had a limit or not.

Restock is still the same, and since that’s the limiting factor having unlimited storage is about as much use as a chocolate fireguard…


Nope, albeit it’s taken 6 days for our pallet company to get in but I just had a large delivery into Amazon today.


These are definitely good news. I can’t be happier especially after the fact that Amazon made us to destroy thousands of our stock in FBA EU and pay around EUR2000 for these services a few months ago. All in order to re-enable us to ship more goods. Now, new rules, new top manager maybe?? The most naughty and annoying business partner ever.:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Destroy - you can never be sure amzn will destroy. Always best to remove, or liquidate (although liquidations could still end up in amzn pocket)


Yes, we’ve encountered a mismatch between the two ways of measuring storage.

Not long ago, we suddenly found that while we were well within the volume limit (approx 50% used), we were way over the limit for numerical quantity of products (200% used). This meant we had to, inconveniently, withdraw a lot of stock to avoid ‘overage’ fees.

I don’t really understand why it should make any difference storage-wise, whether there are 1000 small products or 250 medium ones taking up the same amount of space.