How to raise a formal complaint against Amazon as a Seller



Any advice would be much appreciated :slight_smile:
Has anyone gone through the same or similar issue?

I have been asking Amazon seller Support to assist me in raising a formal complaint since March 2018. Now it’s July and still no joy. One of my products were mistakingly blocked by Amazon as they investigated it’s authenticity despite me providing necessary proof, however Amazon have now agreed that i am legally the owner and 85 days later they allowed me to retail my product.

Although reluctant to admit fault and take responsibility for their blunder which has drastically cost my business, it is clear that they [Amazon] have made a mistake. as mentioned earlier i have repeatedly asked for assistance to raise a formal complaint, now my messages to Amazon seller support are ignored and marked as ‘answered’ whereas no resolve or responsibility has been taken.

I would be really grateful for pointers in order raise a formal complaint or postal/ email address to write to ?

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If you would like to make a formal complaint against Amazon, which will be handled by a 3rd party, you can submit it on the BBB website or the European Online Dispute Resolution Centre.


Will look into it, thanks very much


Very helpful, thanks :slight_smile:


I really don’t see Amazon Support helping you to raise a formal complaint against Amazon! If you must then raise it as Kika suggests,


Last week one of the SS said he is making an official complaint behalf me, he thought i ate it:) i did write for managingdirect but not much luck


hehehe, Much fun times in the SS office me thinks, i will try, my pleas have been ignored for a few months now, so what’s the worst thing that can happen?



Most definitely right, thanks


In terms of actually raising the complaint, follow Either Rugsy’s or Kika’s earlier advice.

In terms of whether or not Amazon is actually to blame here, I would say it’s not worth raising the complaint with a 3rd party.
Amazon doesn’t mark items as inauthentic unless they’ve had complaints from customers that have purchased the item/s in question.
At which point a mostly automated process is started which in general should take less than 1 month to resolve, but a lot of people have complained here on the forums about it taking 2-3 months, so you should presume this is closer to the actual time it takes.
Ultimately I’d say the blame lies with the customer that complained, potentially this was a competitor that was abusing Amazon’s system to prevent you from selling for a while.

On the flip side: We’ve had 2 safety complaints and 2 product authenticity complaints, all of which we’ve contested with evidence, the safety complaints dropped off of our account (that takes 12 months) before they were resolved. The authenticity complaints are currently ongoing (6+ months so far), though the items are out of stock so we’re not in a hurry to overturn them.
Both of the authenticity complaints were started right as the christmas peak sales period started, they were both items that were perfect for christmas gifts but hardly sell the rest of the year, so these complaints were presumably filed by competitors.
Amazon make it way too easy to get someone’s listing pulled and way too hard to get it reinstated.


Business’s are required by law to have a process in place to accept complaints . This is to allow the business time to deal with the complaint . If no joy than the aggrieved party can lodge a complaint with the relevant ombudsman ,


Thanks, I had presumed that Amazon had such provisions and procedures in place to raise a formal complaint. This is why i requested Amazon Seller Support to advise me on how to initiate. Perhaps it is far easier to complain as a consumer rather than a valuable seller. Ombudsman is the next step.



I had noticed that a seller in France had duplicate listings for my product which bears my patent, the French seller did not use the B2B platform to purchase from me or gain warranted permissions for the listing. I alerted Amazon providing as much information possible, this resulted in Amazon questioning my authenticity to sell my own product!
Once Amazon had realised that they had made a mistake in blocking me from selling my own product and that I am the only person that can verify my products authenticity, 85 days later Amazon granted the product active, Seller Support have been very quiet post their discovery and they seem to believe that this is acceptable behaviour.

Ombudsman is the next step.

Luckily this problem had been looked at within 6 months, probably due to countless emails requesting a complaint! Hopefully highlighting this issue to the ombudsman will encourage much needed change and improvement to ‘efficiently’ supporting sellers/retailers, but I won’t hold my breath !


I know nothing of the circumstances of this, but for me the Ombudsman or any third party would be a risky strategy for the possibility of being permanently suspended.
Ultimately its up to Amazon who sells on thier site, and if you take them to court or arbitration they might take that step. Which wouldnt have been worth it.

I am really not sure any Ombudsman has the power to overrule this - Amazon would argue they have caused you no “loss”. You just haven’t made any profit for the time the items would have been for sale, and that profit would have come off the back of an Amazon listing that is entirely in their discretion to list or not - that will be buried somewhere in the T&Cs you signed up to.

Most “disputes” end up with people falling out.

I appreciate you may disagree with me, and I have no idea what you have lost by way of lost sales, but just ask yourself if its worth risking your account over.

Personally I would limit any complaint to Jeff.

Only my opinion of course, and no offence is intended here.


I submit complaints against Amazon on various 3rd party organisation websites every few weeks and it never caused me any problems with my account.
I can’t see any reason, why would Amazon suspend anyone’s account for bringing their attention to serious issues.


Ombudsman would imply a third party with the power to impose a sanction on Amazon, that is far more of a step than posting on a website.


Not a normal website. I contacted the Ombudsman through the EU Online Dispute Resolution Centre site. And my issue was resolved.


I can buy that you might need to go to dispute resolution every so often, but complaints to various organisation websites every few weeks?
That does sound a bit over the top to be honest, and a little risky if you use your seller name to do so each time, surely there will come a point when Amazon will get fed up with this barrage?


I don’t think so. Everytime they apologise for their mistake, resolve my problem and admit that they were wrong. Then I withdraw the complaint.

I have paid them a significant amount of money in seller fees so I am expecting them to adhere to their own policies when dealing with me. They have no reason to get fed up with me. I am actually bringing serious issues, which might affect many sellers (who don’t complain) to their attention and doing it for everyone’s good.


I don’t think that’s actually correct. It is true for some companies but not for all. See page 6 of this guide from the Equality and Human Rights Commission (dated 2016):

Nor are there ombudsmen for all trade sectors.