Infringement type: Trademark


I have items for sale obtained directly from manufacturer with invoices.
I have an issue with (possibly fake) trademark infringement notification. Full notification text here:


We are contacting you because we received a report of trademark infringement from the rights owner listed below. Sellers on are not allowed to create listings or detail pages that infringe trademark rights.

We removed the content listed at the end of this email. We may let you list this content again if we receive a retraction from the rights owner. Their contact information can be found below.
If the rights owner agrees to retract their complaint, they must send the retraction to us at

If you believe that the reported with supporting information.

We consider intellectual property infringements a serious matter, and your account is under review. If we receive more complaints about your listings, we may not allow you to sell on

To learn more about this policy, search for “Intellectual Property Violations” in Seller Central Help.

ASIN: xxx
Title: xxx

Infringement type: Trademark
Complaint ID: xxx


After trying contact the person, who claims to be rights owner, mentioned in contact information, my emails are being rejected with text “spam address.” So, that means, this email address doesn’t exist.
Seems, that I have fake claim which I have to prove to Amazon. Any other suggestions or insights?

Fun fact: I searched the person on the internet and found someone claiming to work under Amazon account management.
Fun fact 2: The actual rights owner is not mentioned in this claim.


I assume that some text is missing from this sentence, however this is the link you use to show that the complaint is false and your listing removed in error.
You need to attach proof of why this is a false accusation, and the fake email address would form a large part of that proof.


No, there is no missing text, only “copy&paste”, just cropped contact information in this text.
So, screenshot with “mail undeliverable” email should be proof of false claim?


If you purchased the product directly from the manufacturer get them to make you a letter with their company header and details authorising you to sell their products and that they are authentic. Also make them email amazon on your behalf to the email address given by Adrian along with the ASIN and complaint ID. Make sure they put down the ASIN and complaint ID.

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