Quick Tip: Variations – Part 1


What are variations you ask? Variations refer to a set of items that are the same product, but differ according to a consistent theme, for example size and colour. You can reference the following video and FAQ to help create and make updates to Variations: Variation Relationship FAQ

Variating ASINs:
The Variation Wizard allows you to add or update existing variation families and to create a new variation family. The Variation Wizard is located in Seller Central under Menu > Inventory > Manage Inventory > click Add Variation on the right-hand side. To create a new Variation Family, generate a category template with the Product Classifier. Then Upload your Inventory File and monitor your upload status.

Un-Variating ASINs:
If you accidentally Variate ASINs together, use the Split Product Detail Page Self Service Tool to remove the variation.

Quick Tip Recap
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I’ve only known this page to relate to “Merged” ASINs, not Variation Relationships.

If this page does work for “Variation Relationships”, then I believe it should be more specific on that and use the term within the help page.

Maybe you can get the page edited?


Hi @Oneida_Books_EU!

I appreciate you mentioning this.

I haven’t been made aware of any issues with the tool not working for variation relationships but if I get any further details I will of course let everyone know.

Thanks for your post!


nice write up @Jessica , can you have a look at case ID 8589715462 and tell me why a Policy violation warning was issued.

I have read extensively the amazon policy and tried to contact account health without any luck to find the exact root cause.


Hi @Bang_Fancy_Dress,

Thanks for your post.

From reviewing the ASINs I can see the products were in a colour variation, however you had listed child items that were not colour variations of the same product. They were a similar products but they were not the same product that varied by colour which is why you received the warning.
If you are creating a colour variation the items have to be identical except for their colour.

You may have seen this page already but I do find it helpful: Variation Relationships Overview and the pages linked within it.

I hope this helps.


Thank you so much for confirming. I have been going around in circles with Account Health trying to get a reason. Am I fine to use a screenshot of your post in the appeal with Account Health? That’s after I have re-uploaded the flat file using the Style Name.

Out of interest, does a human look at Policy Compliance or is it a bot? I ask as I only ever receive the same template response

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