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I have been suspended on for 18 months, I cannot remember exactly what the suspension was for, other than what i considered at the time “Malicious infringement report” Below is an extract from It mentions reports that can be viewed but these have no information in them. Can anyone help with a POA template.


Your selling privileges have been removed
Sent from:

Good day,

We continue to receive notifications that you are offering articles on that violate intellectual property rights. Details of these reports can be viewed in Seller Central’s Performance Alerts page. Therefore you are not allowed to sell on anymore. Your offers have been removed from our website.


Here is the POA template to address a suspension due to intellectual property rights infringement, however you will still need to have the rights owner retract the complaints filled against you:


The problem is the rights owner isnt the rights owner, its a generic product that a Chinese person has registered. The “rights owners” email address just bounces back so no way of contacting them


Then you will need to e-mail and prove them that the claim is false.


I think its probably easier and less hassle just to stay “suspended”

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