4PX (international freight out of China) Stories? Warnings?


I am having mounting problems with 4PX (based in China), a shipper with whom we entrusted freight shipments to Amazon warehouses in the US and the UK.

Their website claims that they are experts. They don’t even know how to schedule a delivery appointment to Amazon, and as I write this, merchandise sits in their warehouses over a month late. Yes, it missed Christmas.

Payment has been made in full–demanded arrogantly with an additional fee for “FBA services.” Almost laughable. 4PX won’t confirm a delivery date with Amazon for any shipment. This is freight, not some knick knack hanging indecisively on the lip of a trash can over a box of “to-be-eBay” listings in the garage.

Representatives of 4PX disappear, and replacements are not named. Emails go unanswered. Worse yet, offers to assist in the complicated and ever-changing process of delivery to Amazon are ignored by staff until, of course, the last minute–in a very pushy and demanding fashion.

When questions are acknowledged, the less-than-reassuring mantra “Don’t worry” is oft repeated.

What a disappointment. I wouldn’t recommend them to my closest competitor.

Has anyone had similar experiences? Any recommendations?

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sorry to hear your bad experience with Chinese shipment companies.many Chinese companies are fake and others have employed dishonest workers. I will not rely on them for money or responsibility even in my worst nightmare . We have part time staff in ca. Usa. uk to receive pick pack n ship to Amazon.

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