Best time to send feedback reminder email?



what do people think is the best time to send feedback reminder email? morning or evening? and how many days after dispatch?



We get a better response rate when we send in the morning. We don’t send until 10 days after dispatch, this allows time for late deliveries to have arrived, goods to be picked up from the delivery depot etc. We get a better response to requests sent on weekday mornings compared to weekends. Wednesday seems to be the best day for receiving responses.


We get more feedback when we solicit for it via email than if we leave it to take its own course. If the amount and quality of feedback is of interest to you then it makes sense to take a proactive approach in managing it


It would probably be best suited to when you get the most sales. We usually get our best sales at 10pm-ish, so this would be the busiest time and most likely to receive views on feedback requests. We don’t send e-mails for feedback but assume this would be the most ideal method.


Don’t think time of day will make any difference. About a week after dispatch should do it. Not sure how you can get it past their spam annd junk filters though.


As a lot of people have emails sent to their phones, sending and receiving one at 10pm is intrusive, IMO. During business hours, Monday to Friday I think would be more appropriate., if one must be sent.


E-mail is a blunt tool IMHO, your best off having some complement slips professionally printed (we paid £32 for 3000) asking for feedback and popping them in the package, at least that way the buyer will definitely see the request when they open the package, where the email can be missed, spammed or ignored.


Amazon sent their own feedback reminder. As a buyer, I resent being pestered for another feedback for the same transaction. In nearly 20 years of selling on Amazon we have never solicited feedback, & our rating is 99%, with 100% for the past few months. Let your quality of service speak for itself - & accept the fact that the ratio of feedback to sales is very low & getting lower.


yes I agree cram. feedback is an important part of online selling. you cant just ignore it and accept that its getting lower and lower. Yu have to try and take pro active steps to increase it, not turn a blind eye to it. That’s my opinion anyway.


Amazon actively encourage you to request feedback and have suggestions as to how to do this, but they don’t include emails in their suggestions.

+There are a number of places where you can solicit positive feedback from customers:+
+•The packing slip+
+•The order invoice+

+However you decide to encourage feedback, be sure to mention both your merchant feedback rating and product reviews. For example, you might want to include a message such as this one on your customer communications:+

+“Thank you for purchasing our products on We strive to offer you the best value and service possible. Please take a moment to rate us as a seller on the Web site. You also can write a product review for other customers. Here’s how…+”


“feedback is an important part of online selling”: perhaps my view is somewhat coloured by the area we sell in - out of print second hand books. One of the main selling sites other than Amazon is AbeBooks, where there is no culture of individual feedback, just a star rating for performance, assigned by Abe from your metrics. There you are judged more by the quality of your descriptions.
It’s always nice to get good feedback and I can see where a string of negative feedback for poor packaging / late delivery / ‘lost in post’ should make a prospective customer wary. And in a cut-throat world where dozens of sellers are trying to sell the same item with wafer-thin margins feedback ratings are obviously important.
But as a buyer I dislike being chased for feedback, and I should imagine that I’m not the only one.


Stopped sending them 3 months ago found it made absolutely no difference to feedback left.


Problem is we are not talking about ABE books. We are talking about amazon and feedback is an integral part of online selling on the platform.

From what you have said it seems as though you are slightly exaggerating the inconvenience to buyers of a simple email which they can CHOOSE to read or not. Feedback has an impact on seller metrics which in turn has an impact on other factors such as winning the buy box etc and so I feel it is a good idea to explore as many avenues as possible to increase the amount of feedback received. Also simple maths tells you the more feedback you receive (more than likely positive) softens the blow of the odd negative feedback received.


thanks for that advice. I have just recently started using it but it doesn’t seem worth it at the moment. only a 3% return so far on emails sent. hence why I was asking the questions at the start of the thread. will carry on for a while and see if it improves.


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