How to request to remove a closed A to Z claim


This is my first message here.
I would liek to ask a suggestion…

A customer purchased an item from me and 2 days after it was delivered to him he requested to return it with the following message:
“I was surprised to see this arrive as my app froze whilst I was looking at the product. I then went on to buy something else on Amazon not thinking that this order had been placed.”

After few messages we agreed that i would fully refund the item including postage and he would pay back the postage to return it.

While I as wating for the return to my suprise I received an a to z claim opened by the amazon customer representative on behalf of the customer saying the following:

Claim Type:
Items not as described
Items arrived damaged
Buyer Comments:
The customer was surprised to see this arrive as my app froze whilst was looking at the product. Customer wish to return the item but no proper response from seller regarding the return hence submitting claim.

I believe the customer contacted amazon to have the postage he paid to return the item refunded to him (as the issue was with the amazon application), however the amazon customer representative quickly opened the claim without bothering to investigate and even provided the wrong information since the item was as described and not faulty and I did respond to the buyer properly.

I received the item next day and refunded the item and the claim was closed.

The problem is that this claim affected my ODR which is now over 3% and I got -500 points.
I already got my account suspened once for similiar unfair/unecessary claims and don’t want to risk again.

Is there a way I can report this and request for this claim to be removed so that it will not affect my ODR and get my 500 points back on the basis that I responded to the buyer immediately accepting and offering the full refund even before the claim was submitted and even though it was the customer error or the amazon application who caused this problem?

Thank you in advance for your time.


Did you file a defence to the A-Z claim with Amazon within the correct time scale? If you didn’t there is no right of appeal. The buyer has not done anything wrong by issuing a claim, despite you offering to accept a return. Once the claim has been awarded against a seller there is no further right of appeal unless you filed a defence which Amazon mistakenly ignored.


Hello Crimso,
Thank you for the reply.
The claim was received after I already agreed with the buyer to return the item.
A claim should only opened if the seller does not respond or there is a disagreement.
However since we already agreed I could not see why this claim was opened on the first place.
On top of that, the information stated in the claims were incorrect as mentioned in the first message.
Therefore I responded/defended my self (within the correct time scale) through the claim and explained that I already agreed with the buyer and I was just waiting for the item to be returned before proceeding with the refund and added that the information in the claim were incorrect (and i I have all the proofs as there were 6 messages between me and the seller where we agreed for this return, and that he never mentioned that the item was not as described and was faulty).

As soon as I received the product 1 day later, I issued the refund myself and the claim was automatically closed and the status was “Claim closed due to refund”.

Despite all this I got -500 points and this afftected my ODR.
Therefore I would like get this 500 points back as I absolutely did nothign wrong at all however I am not sure how to request that.

Thank you again.

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I can’t see that you will succeed in having your metrics revised after the details you have given. Unless you had got the buyer to withdraw the claim it is classed as a seller fault. Did you respond to the claim properly and defend it?? If you didn’t and just refunded then Amazon will consider you must have been at fault.


Yes I did responded to the claim and provided all the informations.
Explained claim, was incorrect, item was not faulty and i responded to the first message the buyer sent promptly and I was waiting for the item to arrived before issuing the refund.
The buyer simply made a mistake, he returned the item in the same new condition so I refunded without any problem as soon as i got it back. And after I refunded the claim was closed.
So I am not sure how they could say it is my fault…
I am not sure how differently should I have acted.
If I wouldn’t have refunded the order after I receiving it, then I would have been on the wrong side


Oh. I didn’t know it works like that?

However if i didnt refund, amazon would have took the money from me and refund as the customer returned the product to me in the same condition and he has the right to return it if he simply ordered it by mistake. In that case it would have been even worst cause they will blame me i refused to refund.

So in both cases i would be the one to be penalized?


Hello Mario,
There is no way to adjust the metrics when a claim is opened without any reason at all and even with the details provided are all wrong?
I mean this way any customer can open a claim as he wishes just to damage a seller performance…


By refunding you closed the A-Z claim yourself instead of letting Amazon decide whether it should be upheld or not. That’s why you aren’t able to appeal against the metrics hit.


Hi all,

i just wanted to add a little note regarding the A-to-Z Claims.

When a customer file a claim this will negatively impact your metrics, no matter the final decision is.

Please remember that our [Seller Support|] cannot alter metrics, because Amazon uses and automated system to manage the performance monitoring.

Thanks for the understanding.


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