No buy box when we are the only seller?


Steep increases of price like this usually mean that you will never get the BuyBox on a listing again.

You should only increase it by small amounts and over a longer period of time.

However, after checking your listing, I can see that you now increased the price to as much as £99.99.


Stinks doesn’t it!

Being the only seller and ‘losing’ the buy box. But this is what happens on Amazon. There are different variables that come into play for the buy box and any one of those might mean you’ve lost.

Incredible hey!


Just checked and although you don’t deliver to France, you do have the buy box!


Interesting, to me it shows the price of £99.99 and no BuyBox!

I even checked it on a different browser.


Hi Kika just checked again and yes, look they have put the price up and NOW deliver to France! lol
They don’t hang around! But still have the Buy box.


They don’t have the BuyBox for me!

It looks like we have some serious evidence of the BuyBox being displayed to every user differently.

Maybe other sellers should check this mysterious listing as well to verify it.


Yes, but it is up to the OP to give out the ASIN as we can’t because it will show their Storefront/Company Name which they may want kept anonymous.Which is why I deleted it in my screenshots.


I normally post the ASINs/storefront links when the OP is asking for help.

If they then message me or request me to delete it, I immediately do so.


Thanks for the responses everyone. Very strange that the ASIN seems to be appearing with a buy box for different sellers.

No issue with sharing the ASIN - B07KRCH7MZ

Many thanks


No buy box when I check.
FBA available when I click buying options.


No Buy Box on any browser for me.


No buy box when I checked on Chrome and IE


no buy box the price is £99.


I’ve checked on my end. There’s no buybox. I’m using Chrome. Price is listed for £99.99


£99.99. No Buy Box. Used Chrome. Delivery to our default address (Italy).


No Buy Box for me either.
I wonder how new the listing is? Sometimes it can take half a day for the buy box to update correctly.


No boy box for me either when I look. I’m using Chrome.


No buy box on chrome or edge but did get buy box on fire fox !!!


The price increase is the issue . Does not mean if you are the only seller that the buy box is allocated automatically . If your listing does not meet certain criteria you will not have the buy box .

Your listing states ‘’ available from these sellers ‘’ , even though you are the only seller . That means you do not have the buy box . If you remain the only seller hopefully it should not make a significant difference as there are no competing sellers

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